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  2. well i can't seem to find what wrong so i'm just going to take it in to get fix
  3. well the engine i got on it right now it is on it's 2nd rebuild with in a year and i don't know if it is going to last and i'm just want to know if you just can put a newer engine on it to replace it with a better engine with more power
  4. or is their an engine that would work for me that i could switch
  5. is it hard to take a 1992 Honda Fourtrax trx300A 2x4 engine out and put a newer engine in like a fuel injected 420cc engine that honda has and makeing it into 4 wheel drive
  6. if i just get a rebuild kit for the carb it should take care of the rick mixture
  7. well i got a k and N air filter on it and it is clean and i just put a new spark plug on it
  8. what spark plug is black what can i do to fix it
  9. what can i do to my carb on my 1992 Honda Fourtrax TRX300A to make it push more fuel because i got a aftermarkt CDI box on it and it has no top end and it is getting really hot because lack of fuel
  10. well i thinking about useing it just in the winter when i'm pushing snow because of the thicker boots i got to wear and they don't shift very good and it is a 1992 honda fourtrax trx300 2x4
  11. Would it be worth it to buy a Moose Racing Hand Shifter for my 1992 honda fourtrax 300cc
  12. well when the bolt came off it was raceing down the road and i did not seen where it stop and when i took the swinarm off to rebuild the engine i replace the bearings i put grease zerks on it because the grease was like engine sludge
  13. I was driving down the road with my Honda Fourtrax 300cc when one of the bolts came off the swinarm. And i got two new bolts comeing to put on it and when i put it back together should i use locktite on the threads so the bolts don't come off again or what should i do.

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