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  2. your post was deleted because Top Gun is the gayest movie ever....just ask Tarantion [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyN8VN4BSzM]Topgun according to Tarantino - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I guess if you're in to racist white trash.... I think Lewis Black was right...we should vote Regan back in....that would really screw with some people.
  4. I have yet to see a candidate that could actually do anything to help us. I'll vote for anyone that will audit the Federal Reserve and insure that ALL people in this country are treated equally.
  5. yeah she is tough. she already said "I think I know what I did wrong, I need to ride that again" We were up at IMI Dale. She rolled it on the little track against the back fence. There is a little step up that you cant see very well and I think she had the old dog rapped out and hit it kicking the back end over. I was on the asphalt track making adjustments to the supermomto setup. I was planning on running the race last sunday but stayed with her instead.
  6. I hate to admit it but I was happy we had to make an ER trip for someone other than me for a change.
  7. I milled some blocks with posts that mount in place of the bed hook mounts in my dads F250. He was having trouble getting in and out of the bed of his truck after his stroke. He pulls up to the ramp and lets his winch cable out and loops it around a piece of heavy walled exhaust tube I cut to length to fit. I drilled a hole on each side to slide over the posts then he lets the winch pull it into the truck. I could very easily revers it so a small electric winch mounts in the truck bed and you pull the cable out to the quad.
  8. and thought I would stop in and say hi. Been back and forth between Atlanta and San Jose lately for work. I came home last week and decided to take the quads out on the girlfriends birthday. Unfotunatly, she lost it and rolled her Warrior end over end a few times. Quad is pretty thrashed but I pulled it straight with the porta power and will be welding some gussets in to keep it straight. As for her...2 compound fractures to fingers on her right hand, several broken toes and the rear fender mount came through the plastic and caught her in the thigh giving a deep puncture wound. Plus road rash in several spots.We spent her birthday evening in the local ER. So I am staying in town this week to take care of her and get some stuff done around the house. enjoy
  9. just cleaning out the garage TRX450R should fit all years NIB +2 from Brake lines $50.00 Tail Light (lens only) $20.00 stock handle bar risers $10.00 Front Shocks (probably rode them for one season) $100.00 Rear Brake Lever $10.00 Full Stock Exhaust (one seasons use) $50.00 Stock tie rods (with 3 tie rod ends but I think 2 of the boots are ripped) $10.00 Front A arms (2 seasons, normal wear, a boot or two is ripped but has all bushings) $40.00 stock Front Brake Lines 10.00 Warrior (up to 1994 I believe) Works dual spring front shocks (look nice might need O-rings) $75.00 Stock Rear shock (needs rebuilt but complete) $40.00 Paypal or Money Order, buyer pays for the ride thanks
  10. Cmon quadnut....you, me and our quads on the Hyland Hills Golf Course? here is my girlfriends latest. one tree in 50 yards and this is what she does
  11. it just guys going through the librays of vids and pics leaving a comment on every one...pretty lame
  12. Note that I had to cut some of the footage to get it under the YouTube time limit. I'm psyched and am thinking of a new project called "A Year to the Top" all about the trials and tribulations of a privateer and what it takes to get to the big race.

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