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  1. Both of those are valid ideas, we would need to perform some more analysis on that. But thanks everyone so far for the data, if there's anyone else out there who would like to weigh in and answer these quesions, please do!
  2. Yes, the device would be able to be operated and assembled/disassembled by one person. Weight, not sure yet, that will be worked out in the later phases of design. Right now, we do not have any concepts in mind, we are just trying to get a feel for the market for a device like this.
  3. We are still in the process of gathering data and clarifying the problem, so we don't have any specifics on how this device would work. But we do want to make it so there do not have to be any permanent modifications to the truck (therefore removable).
  4. We were thinking about this, if this design ever goes to market, it could maybe come packaged. And thanks everyone for the input so far, keep it coming!
  5. Thanks for the reply, any and all data we can get is much appreciated!
  6. Hi all, my name is Ben, and I am on an Senior Undergraduate Engineering Design Team at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. Our team is designing an automated device, operated by only one person, that loads an ATV into the bed of a pickup truck (instead of using a simple ramp). We would appreciate your input to this problem by answering the questions below. We are trying to get a feel for the market for this type of product. Please reply to this post with your answers to the questions below: 1. What kind of ATV do you own (make, model)? 2. How do you transport it currently (pickup, trailer, etc.)? How many people does this require to load it? 3. If you own a pickup truck, would you buy an automated device that safely loads your ATV into your truck? 4. If you do not have a pickup truck, hypothetically if you did have one, would you buy a device like this? 5. What is the maximum price you would pay for a device like this? 6. Can we contact you later about this project? If yes, please PM me with your e-mail address and name. Thank you very much for your input! If you would like to contact our team, you can e-mail us at gogomoto.gt[at]gmail.com.

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