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  2. alhtough this is an older thread, but if you went a head and want a full exhaust save up more money and go ahead and get your big 3. intake, programmer and exhaust. you said you ahve the K&N filter is that the drop in K&N or the actual K&N intake system? the big restriction on the 450 if the intake. The full exhaust will give you gains but the intake will give you greater gains. at your sea level a programmer is crucial if you do either or cause the stock ecu can't handle that large of a jump into a lean condition. but if you're looking for an idea. on my 450 I have 13" dasa(loud a
  3. you should have seen last year even with my camera on panorama mode I couldn't fit everyone in. I'm still pisst I missed it this year looks like you all had a blast i think someone has helmet cam over at kawieriders.
  4. I'll double that bet and say go green, it means go glad you found one bud. wheres the pics of it at?
  5. how big are the trailers and how heavy is the pontoon? As well is your land flat or does it have hills. I had a honda rancher (350cc) and it could barely move me up hills at times. honestly I wouldn't go lower then a 500cc for what you're doing. but the kawie 650 you're looking at would work great for your situation and then some, as long as it not modified as well for the price it ain't bad depending on the condition it's in.
  6. my kfx 700 go it up to 78mph according to the time slip I got the one time I took it drag racing. my kfx450r going up pikes peak I was averaging 65mph. the 450 would have been faster if I was lighter and wasn't going up hill.
  7. I would be taking it back to the stealership and make them fix it the right way, since they where the ones that didn't do it right the first time. but it sounds like they didn't seal the valve cover correctly after they checked the valves. the ticking noise could the starter solenoid sticking and the starter is engaged while the motor is still running.
  8. all of these are in CO but you can look up the same style of racing near you and find a local organization Bangin Bars Home (dirt bikes and quad flat track) Your Page Title (Pikes peak international hill climb. You have to have race experience prior to doing this race. It's not for beginners and a committee decides if you're allowed to race or not) The National Young Farmer's Coalition around here host an atv skill races (timed obstacle course) and sled pulls. One of the funnest events, if you can find one, plus they usually go for a good cause. Valley Dirt Riders Motocross (dirtbike
  9. It was an awesome day of riding. It was way to long since last time I went out with you guys.
  10. I learned by working on my own stuff, watching other friends work on theirs, and reading forums. Hince why I am on so damn many of them lol.
  11. :laugh:what are you guys talking about? you're all model citizens and great role models I would trust you with my kids....maybe:laugh:
  12. I figured you did but a lot of people don't know that in 2003 &2004 kawie pretty much made suzuki's quad line. They just had different color plastics twin peaks is a prairie and a LTZ400 is a KFX400
  13. thanks for all the luck guys I'll need it I'll find out more on october 1 after I take my general knowledge test. Other wise it's just me trying to get motivated to work out so if I make it to the end I'll pass the physical test and when I start the academy.

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