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  2. please comment here if you know some quad racing or any contest about quads. am so willing to compete. thank you
  3. my friend is looking for some buyers out there whos interested for a second hand quad. its a child quad 70cc colored black. just post your comment
  4. could somebody send me or have me a clear video on how to replace a brake line and on how to put this front brake lever in your Polaris sportsman 800 EFL ATV? I have been looking for this since then. im having this as an alternative for i know it will cost me much if ill bring this problem to some shops. God bless
  5. I agree with the comment above. Google is the best way to answer your question. Try to search for it now
  6. i wish to have a chance to see in personal quad riders doing their stunts in front of me. just like this video . i know i would deeply enjoy that very moment. its actually my new obsession. i know sooner i will do my own stunts too. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPsid5xAHEY]Quad dirt bike pit bike stunts - YouTube[/ame]
  7. i bought a new front brake caliper and honestly i need some assistance in putting this into my quad bike. and i know you guys could help me with this dilemma. your suggestions would be a great help. thank you!

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