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  2. Alright, so there is not jetting needed on the KFX 450R it sounds. I already have a KN air-filter on it so all i should need then is a fuel programmer and the exhaust. Any suggestions on a good fuel programmer, and one that is easy to use?
  3. I have a 2008 Kawasaki KFX 450R. Looking to put an exhaust onto it, since the stock one is getting some rust build up on it. I have a few questions though, since i would like to do it my self and not have to take it to an ATV shop. 1. If i was to buy a slip on exhaust for my KFX 450R, does anything else need to be done to my ATV besides just taking off the old pipe and installing the new one? 2. If i was to buy a brand new FULL exhaust for my KFX 450R, besides installing it what else needs to be done with the quad to have it run correctly? Is there any jets or anything that need to be adjusted? If so how do i got about doing that? Any feed back from anyone would be helpful...thanks
  4. far out thanks for the all input dudes...let ya know what i find out
  5. I have a 2008 KFX 450R. Just got it back from the shop and supposedly they did a full tune up and check over of my ATV. Now all of sudden Im having problems that i did not have before. One Problem that Im having is when the start the KFX 450R it starts up, but it makes the clicking or knocking noise for the first 1-2 seconds after being started. The sounds goes away and it will run fine but if you hit the starter button again the clicking noise comes back, but only when you hit the starter button. Sounds like the noise it coming right below the seat, around where the spark plug is. Any one have any suggestions on what this could be? The second problem Im having is i have just a little bit of oil leaking out of seals on the top of the engine where would would access the piston. Could this just be i need to replace a seal or ring on the piston top cover? Besides those two problems the quad is running fine. There is no loss of power to running weird or funny at all. If any one has any suggestions or anything they feel would help me out, i would appreciate a tons man.
  6. Oxidized Black can you please send me a Service Manual for a Kawasaki KFX 450R? Been looking for one for a long time man.

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