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  1. the sun decided to come out here in Salt Lake so it is a FANTASTC morning
  2. I have used RMATV fantastic service, MotoSport very fast shipping and good prices, Immortal ATV great communication on shipment and good prices but not a big selection. Motorcycle-superstore another great site.
  3. it's nice to be nice......and that was nice
  4. can some one tell me or draw me a picture of what the sun looks like....have not seen the sun for a week. by the way morning
  5. here is a nice way to check out what gearing and tire size does to your speed LT-Z400 Calculator
  6. My dog tops out at 22mph...I beat him on my quad
  7. go back to your damn 63 degrees.....:aargh:haven't seen the sun for a week....damn inversion
  8. I look at it this way. Buy the quad that fits most of your needs. If I was a big hunter I would not own my z400. If I like to ride sand dunes and enjoyed jumping and racing on dirt roads and was light enough for my wife to be able to move around the quad, then my z400 would be for me. There is not one quad that will do every thing great. For me the Suzuki fits what I do the most.
  9. found some reviews on a 09 gasgas 450 and it is a sweet quad. The stock quad looks like a quad that a person did A LOT of mods to. It's not a cheap quad.
  10. it would be a cool site if it was in ENGLISH
  11. <------have you seen his picture....i cant come with in 2 feet of his stash
  12. I have to do some thing to get the beer bottles away from him. Loves his beer
  13. my dog is getting his own computer for Christmas. I will have him sign up

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