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  2. I will have to try Bike Bandit next time.The outfit called Dirt Cheap Atv parts out of Rexberg Id.Which I ordered some parts from,I get the impression they have no stock and they order the parts you order from their supplier ,which would explain the two week shipping.Well you hopefully I will know better next time.
  3. Is anyone familiar with the Motocross brand supposedly made by Yuasa.
  4. I have bought parts off ebay after taking the sellers feed back rating into account.But my last online parts purchase the shipping costs of over 15 dollars for some carb. parts was a little high.weight the box when I got it 7.5 oz.Trying a another supplier who has a flat rate of$9.95 see how well they do.
  5. I had to give up on getting parts from the local dealer.I needed a oil filter for my arctic cat 300 which you need a o-ring on the cover when changing.They had the filter but no o-ring which they could order and have it in about a week.And this was at a shop that had service also,so what do they do if someone has a machine in there for service wait.So instead I just paid the shipping and ordered it on line instead of burning gas chasing parts.So the question is this pretty much the norm now,and if so who do you think the best online parts supplier is?
  6. Thanks for the response.When you look at them they don't seem to be something that you couldn't make yourself,just have to find some material.
  7. Question .After having broken a cv joint before after hitting something back in the woods I have come to believe the plastic guard in front of the axle isn't going to stop much.I have seen a metal cv boot brush guard by oxlite that bolts on , has anyone used these ,are they any good ,is there anything out there thats better
  8. Update.Replaced boot between carb. and air box replaced pilot jet screw recleaned the carb.meaning I disassembled everything cleaned with carb. cleaner and compressed air. Runs good now .thanks for your ideas.
  9. No still waiting for replacement parts.I had to order the parts on line.Local dealers don't seem to carry alot of parts inventory.But then again thats alot of money sitting on the shelf.
  10. Just rechecked the boot between the carb. and air box. Sure enough there is a small tear ,will order new part and go through the carb. again and repost hopefully this was the problem.Now I just have to wait by the mail box.
  11. Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction . Engine starts and runs but only with the choke on fully.when you open the choke the motor wants to die and you have to keep giving it gas and it starts to back fire.Went through the carb. once but that doesn't mean I didn't miss something .so if someone could point me in the right direction.Thanks

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