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  1. TxRECON


  2. unless im blind, can I get the one for a 1998 Honda Fourtrax 300. Thank You again!
  3. Thanks for the ideas! im definately gonna do that compression test when i get a chance still waitin on damm parts!
  4. I guess we will find out when i tear down boy that makes me nervous. ya i ordered new rear pads and everything is gettin cleaned up just waiting on parts now after talkin to the company i ordered from it sounds eeexpensive to bore, new piston and rings wow. $$$$$ so hopefully it wont be that worn and i can get away with stock rings or the .25 rings which apparently can be used without boring or a new piston.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys to answer questions yes it runs good it just smokes. And ill be tearin into the head after I order my parts. Thanks again rocky for that service manual that thing is incredible! I used it last night to tear into the rear differential because I got alot of rear brake issues. Cant believe how detailed those things are. My dad was envious so I downloaded one for his '97 foreman 400. Now question. Ive read a lil bit on boring the head and such, I just take it to a machine shop and get them to bore it to whatever ring size I want? The website im ordering from has like 4 different sizes any advantage on goin bigger bore n rings? I havent gotten a chance to look at the job details for it yet but it doesnt sound bad. On the rear brakes, im replacing the rear pads and i noticed one of them is half way unglued like ive heard people talk about. My issue is the brake arm on the diff doesnt move real easy hence my problem so im thinkin fresh pads and clean everything real good and apply fresh grease where needed should suffice? im also having to deal with the damm foot brake which is frozen solid. sorry for all the questions theres just not a whole lot of people i know that are knowledgable enough to help me. thanks again guys any input is appreciated.
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Merry christmas to you too sir!
  7. Hey guys new to the forum but I gotta question. Ive owned this recon for 11 years never skipped a beat until I sunk it on accident a couple years ago. I changed the oil n such when it happened but after that, the recon sat in storage for 2 years since ive been in college. Well dad wants it sold so im tryin to get it back into shape repainting racks, fixing breaks and gettin it to run right. I just rebuilt my carb and got it absolutely spotless runs good now! My problem is the bike smokes pretty good and i can hear a ticking noise in the head. Now the tick im almost positive is just a valve adjustment which I can do BUT the smoke... Ive heard the most likely culprit is the rings which from what ive read doesnt sound like a big deal to replace? What all is involved in replacing the rings, cost, how difficult, ect. any pics would be great as well. Thanks, Dakotah
  8. Hey Rocky im about to tear into my '99 Recon and replace rings, adjust valves n such could you possibly post a service manual for the earlier recons? I left my service manual in my dorm back in San Antonio! Thanks

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