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  2. #2 sticker the one with no quad in the middle.. Now $5!
  3. Yes white is the only option right now, might do some colors one day not to sure yet,
  4. HAHA, plaster away lol no website or anything, just some stickers for sale, PM on the way!
  5. still got some stickers! Holiday season is here, grab one for the ol lady
  6. I'll have them when your ready just drop me a line
  7. Thanks man, X-Mas wahoo parts time!
  8. Hmm....anyone checkin them out!!
  9. Just wanted to post up a few pics of some stickers I have had made, they are also in the for sale section for any that are interested, but mostly I just wanted to share the pics since not everyone skims the FS section.
  10. sounds like a good idea to me, thanks! Winner would have choice between the two.

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