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  2. if it turns slowly, its the battery. or the connections AT the battery. go back in there and do it carefully, and charge that battery more. It may be junk. Clean your ground cable connection too.
  3. your ignition box is shot. most are made by Hitachi and have a number on them like 4H9-21 check our ebay and see if you can buy one used...
  4. yes, I contacted the owner and ATVFan was sold to a large company which owns many sites. So now its just floating in cyberspace.... I put so many years into that site! What killed it is when he got rid of moderators and decided to use bots instead- a fatal mistake. BOTS dont answer tech questions or know anything more than they are told. FATAL ERROR. I hope it cost him big!
  5. yep, start by bleeding them, bring your patience and a friend with you. Changing pads is often done wrong the first time. Buy some brake fluid before you star and always use new, clean fluid OK? The repair manual should help you. Remember brake fluid is hygroscopic [it attracts moisture] so keep a lid on it OK? Discs a reall simple and hard to screw up so Ill bet youll have brakes after bleeding it some. Dont try to adjust the parking brake until you have rear brakes working properly...thats the cable
  6. There are too many variables to say that there is just one thats the best.
  7. check the condition of your battery too, especially if its been sitting. It needs a full charge to start that sucker, and it the batt is shot, theres just no way around buying a new one.
  8. metal, fiber, metal, fiber, make sure they are staggered. And when you install all new plates, you are gonna need to adjust the linkage! Look in your book and adjust the linkage to specs. Your new clutch SHOULD have come with complete instructions from Barnett...also, if you have AutoZone motor oil in it, drain it out right now! and go get the proper oil from Yamaha. It costs more but car oil has additives that will shorten the life of that expensive clutch you just bought. Let us know if you cant figure it out
  9. TORS handles the idle on then stockers... have you talked to Vito's? I'll bet they have a cure. Did you use the Toomey jets that came with the pipes? Vito will prob sell you a TORS elimination kit. With all your mods, it's prob the best way to go.
  10. I have some new grips on the Maxim that are really nice- I'll let you know what brand they are tomorrow. they are cushy but kinda sticky at the same time.
  11. not too dusty, unless you were behind Mike or that Banshee... that wash was almost a trials course! I hope you had some nice open runs like a desert race. bloody hands? maybe you should check out some gel grips- there are some really clever ones out there. You look good in Thor gear, happy to see it!
  12. I too have no complaints with my THOR gloves. wear em tight so they don't blister your hands.
  13. AC tech? WELCOME! Your skills will be helpful here! :partyc:
  14. rings. get a cleanup bore and install that new piston and ride it for 10 more years.
  15. yeah you put a little shoe polish on his nose and you got Chewbacca! LOL

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