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  2. Hey guys an girls I need a little help. I bought a new carb for the wife's 350 and it runs good. It just doesn't seam to have the same power it did before I changed the carb. I bought a GYTR jet kit pt#gyt5yt980000 it's just main an air jets. The bike is stock and I dont know which jets to start with. The kit has 2 air jets an 10 main jets. Does anybody know where To start. The kit did not come with a needle jet. I bought it off ebay and it was unopened When I got it. Any help would be appreciated ALOT.
  3. Hey oxidized black thanks for the pic,but I don't think mine has the same mounting places as you big bear does. It looks to me in the picture you posted, it's too close to the head pipe, but thanks for the help I still can't quite get the cooler where it needs to go. Any advice will help Thanks. Bt
  4. Is that a raptor 350 or a warrior Thanks for the help
  5. Hey guys I need some help.i have an 06 raptor wife's ride I bought an oil cooler for it it's the big bear type. My question is I don't know where to mount the cooler itself. I want to put a spar 4inch cooling fan on it can anybody give me a tip or help the cooler is 9x3 I can get longer hoses I have a buddy who workers at an industrial equipment and I can get the hoses no problem. Anybody run into this. It's not a warrior 350 It's a raptor 350 Any help will be appreciated thanks guys and girls,
  6. fixed my clutch problem if you put a barnett clutch in a 2004 warrior you goy to remove both clutch boss springs. i did it and its never been better.
  7. no the 07 raptors have only a small 4inch window. the newer 09 models have a diffrent meter on them it showes tach/mph/hours ridden/and my 07 just has that idiot light on it. its a yamaha part.
  8. does anybody know if the meter on a newer raptor 700 will work on an 07 model. i know you half to change the hood out. but i mean like the tach/ speed/hour/time. cost on that meter is 266 so i dont want to buy it if it wont work..
  9. yeah its got yamalube 10-40 in it. im almost 100 percent sure they are right. the barnett kit i got instructions just read to soak the plates for 30 min before installing them. it had no other instructions with it. called barnett the guy said the small plates are first and last plate
  10. hi guys im brand new to this site an need a little help. i bought a used 04 warrior.so i bought a new barnett clutch.installed it put it all back together.and it started ran fine i pulled in the clutch and put it in gear and it took off like the clutch was let out. i adjusted the cable and the handle. no effect either way new clutch cable and clutch lever assembly. can somebody give me a tip please

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