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FS: "Quad Life" Die Cut Stickers

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Quad Life die cut stickers, there is two versions for now... size wise #1 is 13x4 #2 is 13x5.5 pictures are attached. If anyone is interested please send me a PM and include the quantity, which sticker #1 or #2, and I will give you my paypal. $10 per a #1 sticker shipping included. Thanks guys!

Now #2 stickers $5!





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No hits, everyone could use another quad sticker for the hauler! Always getting ?'s on mine at the track or woods!

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Nice Sticker! You should donate one to the next contest to get some exposure on here. :wink:

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stickers look awesome. putting them up in contest is good idea, I would like one, but my quad is in pieces and my money going to parts and heating oil right now.

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any more stickers? catalog or website? I'm interested.

Here it's customary to plaster the rear window of your truck. :laugh:

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