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  2. Yeah it did, lol. Here is the other end of things. I still dont know how I didnt go in the water. I was cruising pretty good when I hit it. I stopped in a hurry, hahaha
  3. It was alot deeper than I thought it was around the edge. My legs got bruised pretty bad when they slammed into the handle bars. I didnt go over into the water though, lol
  4. Back when I first got the V. The front tires are slightly higher than the rears Thats over 800lbs flying though the air, hahahaha
  5. Thanks man. Its definelty been a work in progress. I cant afford to do everything at once so its been a little bit at a time.
  6. Nice. I knew I liked this forum for some reason, lol
  7. The title of this thread might not have been the best choice. haha For those of you who looked..... Your a bunch of perverts, lol
  8. I want a #1 if you still have some . Send me a pm with payment info if you do.
  9. I also have a trail setup. Shorter swingarm, nerf bars, trail plastics and take off the nitrous
  10. Thanks eveybody. Here is a spec list on everything AMR 800 bbk XX Cams Ported and Polished Brute Force cylinders 36mm Carbs ( off a CBR 600 ) Big Kevs Performance intakes VFJ Stage 3 Clutch VFJ #4 clutch spring LTE Dual Exhaust +10 Swingarm Boondockers Nitrous w/ a 30hp shot ASR udjustable upper a-arms IMS pegs and Heel Guards Hardkore +3 billet hubs Jettirm seat cover CCP Steering Stabalizer Rox anitivibe risers Rox dash Fasst Flex Bars w/ ODI grips Maier Hood AC Racing Bumper HD Tie Rods Big Kevs Performance stator cover 22" Dunestar dual rib fronts 25" Skat Trak 12 paddle - Trpple buffed - Extremes Im sure I probably missed something but thats all I can think of right now, lol
  11. Lets take a step back here. Nobody said anything about him being my friend
  12. Yeah. This site would let me use that name.

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