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  1. I would rather not have a stock exhaust... It doesn’t have to be super quiet, something kinda quiet but sounds good too
  2. So I’ve got a 400ex with a dg slip on and it’s super loud (louder than you would think for a slip on) and it’s annoys my neighbors and just everyone in general. So I would like to know who makes the quietest exhaust for it. I have the stock muffler but I’d rather sell it than put that back on. thanks!
  3. I am definitely going to put a aftermarket head on the wheeer, I am probably going to just keep the air box as is. And thanks for your help! If I didn’t see your reply I probably would have went out and bought a $300 450 carb and been disappointed 😂
  4. Hey there, so I’ve got a 300ex with Alba racing nerf bars and I bought a 400ex and was wondering if the nerf bars from my 300 would fit on my 400. Lmk, and thanks for your time!
  5. An an exhaust leak is exactly what is was! Thanks for your help, and to all of the other generous people who helped me out!!
  6. I’ve got a 2000 400ex with a dg slip on muffler, it came with he stock muffler on it but the previous owner had the dg in a box so I put it on. I’ve been riding it for the past month and a half and every time I let off it backfires, and the other day the backfires got way louder, 2x louder! I’m concerned that I may hurt my motor? Why does is backfire??? Thanks
  7. So I’ve got a 400ex with a dg Slip on a air filter and a stage 2 hot cam, I want to put a big bore kit on it... either a 416 or a 426 NOT a 440! Only because I hear the 440’s overheat all of the time and cause lots of problems. I’m looking for 3 things, 1. price (with kit is cheaper), 2. Reliability (obviously witch kit is more reliable) and 3. Which kit give better power, I’m assuming the 426 give it more power but if the 416 give it say 35hp for $450 and the 426 gives it 37 for $600 I’m probably gunna go with the 416.... Thanks!
  8. My 1998, 300ex has always started in gear... it was like that when I bought it so I figured my 400ex should be able to start in gear as well. Sometimes the light doesn’t come on when it’s in neutral (when it’s actually in neutral) so I have to put in it gear and then find neutral again.... but other than that it always starts up.
  9. So I have a 2000 Honda 400ex, and it won’t start when it’s in gear obviously when I pull the clutch in..... it’s very annoying!! And idk if this is like a safety feature or something.....🤷‍♂️ If anyone know why this is lmk plz, thanks
  10. So I’ve got a 2000 Honda 400ex absolutely love it!! I’ve had it for about a month, I ride with bruteforce 750’s, outlander 850’s and 1000 sxs’s and I was thinking of getting a trx450r carb and a full hmf exhaust. And probably doing the air box mod too, how much power would this give my 400? Just a little different or a big difference? Cuz if it’s not much of a different I’ll just stick with my dg slip on..... thanks!
  11. So listen guys, I got a 400ex with a dg slip on.... my neighbors do be hating tho so I’m tryna make my 400ex the loudest 400 in town.... I need someone to answer the following questions, 1. Does a 450r carb give it any power? 2. What pipe is the loudest (header and muffler) and no I’m not going straight pipe....and Follow me on Instagram @trentfinn6.9!
  12. Trent Finnessey

    Trent Finnessey

  13. Haha thanks for the advice!!!!, I went ahead yesterday morning and picked up a decent shape 400ex for half the price they sell in my area. 🤫
  14. So I’m 14 years old right now..... I’m a pretty good rider for my age, I have a 98’ 300ex that I’m tryna sell. I’m thinking of a 400ex or should I skip the 400 and just go to a 450r or something along those lines?
  15. Hey, so I’ve got a 98’ 300ex with a few mods.... jet kit, k&n air filter, it’s got 18” rear tires. I’m just wondering what would be the best mods so I can keep up with say a 400ex on the straight always, I already can in the trails simply because I’m a better rider.....

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