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  2. I rememberf it running fine also, thats why I'm puzzled. Hope its that, gonna clean the carb asap
  3. Took my 05 for a ride yesterday after getting it dynoed and tuned and it scared me. I had a dead empty tank before I started it (brother needed gas ) and when I was riding it at steady throttle I could feel it giving up a little and it was popping way more and backfiring on decel. I was riding with a friend who was also having problems with his quad when mine just gave up and died in 5th gear so I pulled in the clutch and popped it in 4th so it would start. It started and seemed to run fine after a while at a stop sign talking and worrying. Seemed to not "give up" on steady throttle after a w
  4. I ditched the hotdogz, but yeah it was doing it with the hotdogz. Probably needed to jet it richer
  5. Those loud pops mean you're running lean, which isn't good for the motor. And I'm not sure about that one, I can ride mine at idle without touching the clutch or throttle
  6. I picked up a new baby last Saturday and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. Its an '86 atc250r with a title. I'm the 4th owner of it and it only has one rebuild (stock), fmf pipe, dg silencer, and k&n filter. Wondering how much it should be worth? I'll tell the price after a few replies
  7. Sounds like its running lean! Bigger main jet (if its a loud pop or two when you let off from high throttle)
  8. Anyone have a link to a service manual? Need to know how much gear oil it takes:huh:
  9. Just bought an 86 atc250r and it leaks gas from the carb when its off and the petcock is turned to on or reserve. Why?
  10. What parts are interchangeable between the two? I kniw the wheels are, what else? Parting out a z250 that I bought for $80. I already sold the rear kt577 tires alone for $110 LOL
  11. It has a pro circuit full exhaust, filter, no lid, and sprockets. That's all performance wise! Not sure what jets it has, came with everything when I bought it. I think I'm at sea level (Miami, FL)
  12. I have a 450r and recently bought two hotdogz full exhausts for my 450r even though I have a pro circuit one(its really dirty anyway). I swapped them yesterday and it sounds a little lean (popping while giving steady low throttle) which seems normal because this pipe looks less restrictive. I don't think i'll have time to jet it before this Sunday so MY QUESTION IS: is it okay to run it for a few hours if the jetting isn't perfect?

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