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  2. Hi if you have a 440 ex can you message me I have a few questions. Thanks
  3. Hi i have a 2000 400ex Sparks full exhaust and jetted and it smokes a blueish smoke. Why is this thanks A20
  4. Hey my warrior runs like a champ, but when you give it gas it smokes, Why is this? Is it a Problem? Thanks
  5. I like the TRX 450R's ALOT!!! but the YFZ 450s are more snappy. The TRX's have bettr handling suspension ETC..
  6. Hey thanks. In a matter of fact I do need a manual.
  7. Hello all, I ride a Yamaha Warrior, FMF powerbomb header, DG slipper Wesico high compression piston. ITP tires and rims (:

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