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  2. Hi guys, I found the problem! after a lot of trouble shooting and youtube videos, I learned it was the camshaft. the exhaust lube was worn down to nothing!? so I ordered a new one, when it gits here ill make a video on what the bike was doing, how I found the problem and how to install the new camshaft.
  3. hi guys, I just got a 1999-2000 Polaris sportsman 500 4x4. it idles good but when you give it gas it bogs and stalls out! have checked the carb and readjusted it and its still stalling! checked the fuel lines and pump all good, checked spark plug and wires all good. anyone know anything about this bike pleas let me know!
  4. hi guys, got a new bike yesterday a Polaris sportsman 500 4x4, it has a 4in lift and new mud tires, nice new rims to, I traded my old work truck for it. the bike is nice! the guy that had it had the carb rebuilt and now it will idle but when you give it gas it stalls out? I took the carb off and checked it, everything looked good. but it was still stalling so I rechecked the carb, even checked the air box the sparkplug the fuel the fuel lines but its still stalling! anyone know anything about this Polaris I can use the help! im at a loss as to whats wrong with it!
  5. good news, i just got a new project bike!! bad news, i dont know what it is.. i have looked online and asked around but still dont know who makes it or wher its from or even what its name is??? i do know its a 250cc. so if anyone has one or knows what this bike is PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! hears the picks. Thanks all!
  6. hi, i have the same bike, i got it as a project bike. i have rebuilt it from the frame up. i had the same stuff going on with mine, i had to replace the timing chain, i had checked the timing and it looked good but the chain was so worn it was still off. when i put the new one on it stoped all the probloms.
  7. had the same trouble with mine, had to replace the coil, cdi box and voltage regulater. works great now. if you replace the cdi box you have to replace the voltage reg to. its often the reason the cdi gos bad. you can git one on ebay $100.00 or so. voltage reg $80.00 or so.
  8. 1st i sanded the finder's with 150 grit fine, so the paint can stick good. then i sand blasted the frame to git off all the rust and old paint. i used rust-oleum automotive enamel on the finder's and on the frame i used rust-oleum truck bed coating.
  9. cool video man! look's fun! wish we all had trails like that to ride!
  10. OK. finely finished the new paint job! and installed a new snorkel and new rear rack. hows it look?
  11. Two month's ago my 98 Bayou 300 was stolen, i am happy to say it was recovered Friday! I am not happy to say it is in bad shape.. It was found 3 mile's away from where it was stolen stuck in a dryed up mud hole! so they got it stuck in mud over its tire's and left it! can you guess what happened next? the mud dryed.. so it was half buried for 2 months! the police had to dig it out with a backhoe! after i got it home (150 bucks to git it out of impound!) i spent 2 days chipping the stone like dirt out of the fraim! I'm shocked at the amount of rust on it! and 3 of the 4 wheel's are frozen up! so i guess i have to sand and repaint the hole thing! ahhh!! but all that aside, im happy to have it back! and im having Lowjack installed!
  12. thanks guys! it was the head pipe. gess when i ran up the tree a stick punched a hole in the head pipe and broke off inside. so i ordered a new one and it sound's fine now, and no power loss.
  13. ok, here's the skinny... rideing my 98 bayou 300, its like 2am, and having lots of fun.. Thin... OHH SHIT... tree... the bayou climbed it like a monkey, my head lights wher pointed at the sky. i checked it over and no damage. so i parked it for the night. 2 days later i take it out for a ride and its overly loud and and losing power when i hit the gas. i checked the exhaust and no visible damage. i checked everything i can think of and still the same:aargh: can any one help?
  14. nice! good score, did you keep any spare parts for yours?

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