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  1. Hey guys im new to the forum, but i was at my girlfriends house and noticed an old quad on the side of her house, i said hey what are you doing with it? and she said ill help you load it on your truck so i found its a older kawi bayou 300 2wd, seems like a nice quad, ive always had quads since i was little and wouldnt mind adding one to the collection, its been sitting for about 5 years? it rolls good, tires are kind of holding air, no battery but i rigged a car battery on it, i can get the starter to spin but the spark plug wont fire, is this common on them? i have no idea what year it is, anyway to find out? but the coil is getting power, what else should i inspect/replace, i dont want to go crazy on it, its not in the best shape, if its something big ill just part it out or just sell it, its seems like it would be fun, but just need some advice! thank you!

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