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  1. i have a 2005 Polaris magnum 330 4x4 when i would turn the key to start it nothing is getting power so i replaced the switch and still nothing ive checked all the wires they checked out ok but if i run a wire from the battery to the switch everything works dont see and fuses or any relays except the fusible links by that come off the starter solenoid and they test out ok
  2. looking for a manual for a 99 Polaris TrailBlazer 250 thanks!!
  3. Could it be the ignition switch not making contact if so can you take it apart and clean the contact points on it?
  4. i have checked and cleaned all connections i have checked for codes and none are being displayed i have even tried holding parking brake and foot brake while trying to start as some have said that might work so im not sure whats going on
  5. I'm working on a 2007 Outlander 500 here with a no start issue. bought it from a guy with a bad crankshaft so i replaced it put it back together and now it wont start when i press the green start button i can hear the relay click and the fuel pump prime i have checked all fuses relays and diodes they are all good also noticed the injectors are not firing the starter solenoid is good I checked by running jumpers to the small control wire terminals one to ground one to positive and it turns over and can get it to run by squirting fuel through the intake
  6. for setting timing on the flywheel do you line up the line or the T to the timing notch Timing notch ------> [] Flywheel ------> l T
  7. got a bayou KLF300B i believe it a 88 well i have put a new Carb and i have replaced the CDI/Rectifier/Coil/Spark plug/Reverse Cable/Diff Lock cable i have checked the stator/pickup coil and all the electrical also checked the timing and adjusted the valves it starts up easy but will not run without the choke on and wont rev past 1/4 throttle it also spits alittle gas out the back of the carb i took the new carb apart and everything is clear have tried loosing the exhaust to make sure it wasnt clogged it has a nice strong blue spark anybody have any ideas on what else to check
  8. i need a service manual for a 2007 BIG BEAR 400 IRS - YFM40FBW

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