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Side by side

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Looking at buying a used side by side, going to ise it to plow my driveway, and rides with my grandkids do wonding about polaris ranger, cfmoto, chinonex, yamaha rhino 

whats your opinions on models?

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I bought a new tractor last winter, not a large one, but went with a Kioti after I sold my 1993 Kubota...


 I've since aquired a 2010 Gator diesel

 A 1999 Polaris Diesel ATV Engine (nothing else with it)

 A 1999 Artic Cat

 And a 2009 Polaris 500.

  I'll be selling the Gator next spring and most certainly buy a Kioti UTV.

  The Gator is ok in quality, nothing special, but JD is pricey on parts and its just "ok"...

  I hated my Kubota.  In 1993 they were still using a Generator on my tractor.  I know they didn't always (neighbor has a really old one that had a alternator).  The power steering leaked and when I tore it down it was built cheap and complicated.  The front end (4 wheel drive) bearings were simply captured and no way to adjust them so they would be tight, so, they just flopped around even after the rebuild.  I know people love Kubota's, but I sure don't.

  Artic cat looks great for a 1999.  I'm impressed, but, I'm just not finding parts for it.  If your not going to support a well made machine...why would I buy it? (Kubota is know for doing this as well)

  But my 1999 Polaris motor will mount right up to the 2009 and everything will simply swap right over.  I'm very impressed in that respect.  Which brings me back to the Gator. I needed new fenders.  I was told in 2010 they showed three different part numbers depending on the serial number...as mine is a old military unit it doesn't have a serial number you can find...  there is something to be said about a company that changes frequently on parts... That Polaris found something that works and stuck with it, I like... But the build quality doesn't seem as nice at the artic cat...but its also not a high end Polaris...

  So, look around, compare them all.  Look at longevity of parts (including support) and how accessible is service?  Are they know for frequent changes (JD is, I have a friend who works for them also)? Is the model your looking at easy to work on?

I put my Kioti side by side one 10 years older.  He listed all his "trouble" spots (just minor ones) and they did update those places in those 10 years.  But everything else was the same...


  Just my .02cents...

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I have a polaris ranger 570 and use if for plowing snow on my acreage.  It currently has 3500 miles and haven't had a problem with it.  I would stick with the name brands, Polaris , Honda, or Yamaha so you are able to get parts for it down the road if you keep it around that long.

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5 hours ago, Tommy K said:

Theres so many out there now, just don't buy a cheap chinese one

I agree with @Tommy K  don't buy a cheap chinese one. I've always plowed with my yamaha grizzly, but utvs have a different feel and more like driving a car or dune buggy.  Really depends on what you want to ride. 

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