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  1. gutthooked


  2. Yeah the house was creeping and popping here, at one time thought I had a visitor on the porch. Went down to -8° this morning.
  3. Had to be chilly out on the wheeler today even if dressed with a bunch of layers.
  4. Ended up getting a ski coat and pants for cheap. Can't wait to try em out....
  5. Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  6. Ok guys, I see repair manuals and vin lookups on here, but no place that I can lookup a part number. Is there such a website?
  7. Yeah I'll have to give that a try, you would think that they'd put the number on top of the frame or put skid plates under it.
  8. Ok , I did find it on the frame rail in front of the shifter. The only bad thing is about 3/4 of the numbers are obliterated. Numbers are hard to read but still can make out a good many of them. They even match up with my Title. Looks like the frame took a hit there at one time.
  9. I ended up ordering a couple from fleebay 2" wide , they look pretty thick. The ones around here were thin. I'll use em for boat tie down too.
  10. Good idea on the cams seen a bobcat jump out the other day in front of me.
  11. I'm in the market for some new heavy duty straps for trailering my atv. Whats everyone using to tie down their atv while trailering? 3/4" , 1" , 1 1/2", 2" straps? I had a couple of cheap 3/4" straps break on me , all i had at the time, I felt pretty lucky pulling into the gas station with the quad still on the trailer.
  12. Took a cruise this morning but didn't have enough clothes on, guess I'll have to invest in something windproof and warm.
  13. Seen there is a bunch of gun racks on fleebay, but I'd rather buy in person and make sure I'm buying a quality product.
  14. I should of checked the differentials but didn't take any tools or flashlight with me. Got it home and changed all of the fluids and found that water gotten into each differential. The back prolly just needs resealed but the front one has a bad pinion bearing too. If I had the light I could of seen the wet area around the shaft. The front is prolly too big of a project for me. Taking it to a reputable atv mechanic next weekend. Live and learn don't take the sellers word , the machine was just serviced and ready to ride...

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