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  1. Yes a cheap/quick fix....tighten battery post bolts, mine were loose, accidentally noticed it when checking rock light harness, that had been installed by previous owner. Snug them up real good with lock washers!
  2. Don't ride alone, not safe, get with me and i'll ride/camp with you, preferably over 50 to have more in common. Been riding/camping up north Michigan, since 86 with kids and friends, and presently my best trail buddies, live in Ohio, and Indiana, and they also love our northern trails/campgrounds/towns/diners, pubs, lakes, fresh air! AND SAND....hundreds of miles of this clean golden, Michigan gift! Season is on us once again, get with me soon , and lets ride! Thanks, Steve
  3. CALLING ALL TRAIL RIDING FELLOWS/DUDES/ANYONE! lol Trying to get enough trail time in this year, once it ever gets here, hoping to get back out a couple times a mo. before the hot unbearable temps, put a stopper on the bottle, once again, which can be almost as miserable as these winter months are up here, on our northers trails! Then after starting back up again in late Aug, until maybe mid Nov! Only leaving a few good months to ride! I know there's very few guys that enjoy, or have the free time, for that much riding time, but I hope I can find enough friends, ol' buddies, family, new found friends, so as not to ride/camp aloooone, don't enjoy that, and not safe!! So I really appreciate those of my family, friends, that plan a few days up with me this season, yet there's still many times/dates to fill, needing a riding buddy, to join me (preferably one friend over 50 to have more in common and keeping trail dust down, thanks) when others are busy with other more important matters! So come help me, and yourself so we don't have to ride by ourselves, and join in for a few days....or more, I'm fine with MORE! lol So get with me....AND LETS RIDE!! Always a great time, never a dull moment, I promise! The trails are a howling!! lol
  4. What happened to you guys? still riding?
  5. Come on up, here to Michigan, with so many great trails, covering half our state! So many trails it would take a life time, to explore them all! Get with me and lets plan a trip, where I can save you years of trying to find the best of the trails, towns, restaurants, lakes, hill climbs, campgrounds, so much clean sand, you'll think your riding in Arizona lol! Summer will be here, before you know it! If your over 50, so as to have more in common, join me, and lets ride! Thanks, Steve
  6. Not getting any response on this forum, since having my posts so lost, way down in, away from new posts! Other forum allow posting in many areas and keeping posts on top, easier to find, receiving new reply's often! Might be wasting my time again, but here goes! TRYING TO FIND A FRIEND/BUDDY TO TRAIL RIDE WITH THIS SEASON. GET WITH ME AND LETS RIDE 2019
  7. GETTING READY FOR THIS YEAR ATV RIDING SEASON! Just installed new tires on my quad hauling van, to have one other thing out of the way, before riding season begins! Also getting together camping/ATV reminder lists, to stick in/on things like ATV storage box, van tool box, ATV box, Map folder, list taped on kitchen cupboard door, riding gear box, camping bag, clothes bag, food/drinks list etc. Don't need to get all the way out, to ride somewhere, and possibly forget something as simple/little as the key, its happened to us before lol Don't leave home without it, the lists that is lol Also trying to rig up a longer antenna on radio talkies, hoping to get a mile more range, while out on trail. We have to be ready when season finally arrives, this far north, with only having around 4 decent trail riding months in Michigan here! First with having to wait for snow to melt, then for flooding to dry up, hopefully sometime in mid May, then stops suddenly in mid July with humid 90 days, until end of Aug. then ending again in late oct. Don't ride alone get with me and lets ride!
  8. I posted my 2 quads, 1st thread. Thanks Ohio, Indiana. Michigan, Lets plan a trip soon!
  9. Got some great areas, up north here, in my state, that I'v found/stumbled up on, around there, over the years, exploring on my own, since 86, that I'm willing to share with anyone interested, even if you've ridden there before, and might have overlooked some of the best, rugged hill climbs, and heavily wooded trail cliffs, steep hill climb adventures in the state, hidden just out of site/view! The main reason for my many trips there, was to explore for these hidden gems, and the overwhelming excitement, after coming across them, where if someone had shown these areas to me, it wouldn't have had the same thrill/excitement as finding them on my own! For just $2000 I can show you and your friends these same wonderful area too....just kidding....no charge lol free to anyone willing to take the challenge, not for everyone, or your occasional passive/cautious trackers! Definitely need a larger motor, grunt machine or UTV with plenty of ground clearance, where I barely make it through some times, with my 750, 4x4 w/ 12'' ground clearance! Get with me for more info, and lets plan a trip as soon as weather improves. Thanks, Steve
  10. Need help from anyone that rides fast/hard long on lite tires under 25# on soft sand w/ little use on road/rock/mud/hard pack. Heres a few brands that seem like the tire pattern I'm looking for on these reviews, but got me confused! Maxxis Zilla ATV Tires 26-11-12 MZ41100 23.3 # 1.19480 $101.90 I just read this review: they run small and puncture way too easy 3 miles into the first ride with these tires one popped on a gravel trail, no sticks no sharp rocks, just class 5 gravel. also i bought 26x11x12 and the accrual height of the tire is 24.5" at 5psi. too short! MASSFX MS This tire is only 23-1/2" tall. Not even close to 26 inches tall as advertised.One Star By Joshua S. on Jun 01, 2018 BIG HORN: seem to run heavy about 30#'s, compared to other lite brands. Tread pattern doesn't match my front tires. Like Wanda or Mars nut they both are very narrow by 2''. Kenda Bear Claw reviews: You get what you pay for. I thought I was getting a great deal on a pair of 25x10x12 tires until I got them mounted. They are much smaller than the stock tires I was replacing. They are aprox. 24" diameter. They blow up when adding air/ shred easily! GBC Spartacus Extremely heavy 30#'s, and 12'' W, not 11'' as needed, I have these mounted for rears now, look good, work well for plowing snow, but I'm afraid while riding fast and long trips, out most of the day in soft sand, they'll mess with clutch/belts! Any one riding hard n long, on sand w/ little road use? Thanks
  11. Advice/recommendation on a set of lite rear UTV tires 26x11-12 needed for mainly very soft deep sand 65%, 15% gravel rd., 10% hard pack, 5% paved roads. 5% mud. All the reviews mention mainly mud lites, and very little sand lite tire brands! Looking for a tire that's lite but will dig well, reducing motor clutch overworking while slipping/spinning in lite sand. Appreciate any advice, Thanks, Steve
  12. If you might know of anyone that would possibly be interested in riding with another trail friend/buddy, or someone riding alone that might prefer to ride with another trail rider, give them my offer to join up, not safe riding alone, I'll be lining up trips soon, to be ready when weather warms up. Thanks, Steve

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