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  2. Well not so fast. Polaris, yes we have a fix. Just fingered it out 2 weeks ago. Dealer service manager face to face, WHAT fix. He sends Polaris a enquiry and comes back with well we have to check charging system , relays, EPS unit, computer, fuse buried on front chasse some where and flash computer and check pen connections. AND theirs a relay that's acting up in cold weather somehow that's supposedly related to this. Yeah sounds like a real fix alright. And Polaris is refusing to lengthen my warranty. Four and half hours and fifteen miles on it. Nothing good to say.
  3. Update got ahold of Polaris, they said of just a couple of weeks ago they came up with a fix. Emailed dealer who's closed today so hopefully hear something tomorrow. Polaris said to either open a ask Polaris case or tell them they need to reach out to their tech support. So their you have it.
  4. Yes I did . Powder coated silver and l'll get some pictures soon.
  5. Really nice and functional bumpers. Fit and finish was great. Go Guru. l
  6. Mod, Dave thank you both for your help. Wish the dealership would have said something instead of theirs not a fix. Maybe he just forgot? Not to many good words for them. !!!! Have fun riding everyone.
  7. Alright, I'll contact Polaris. The dealer sold me a specific machine that has a known steering issue without a fix by their own admission and even they said to call manufacturer. Not understanding this at all. Whys it on the market?
  8. Dave not a bad dealer, just not a real fix? They said the same, contact Polaris. So just starting to trouble shoot and see what's on the web and get a handle on it before summer. I can see this being a problem being a novice rider and not needing a steering issue. So thanks for the info and I'll keep looking.
  9. Hello everyone, did a search and not successful. Purchased new 2017 Sportsman 570 sp and my power steering is not working. Seems to have a mind of it's own. Works then it doesn't. Dealer says there's not a fix. Thought it was just me and it being a brand new machine with 4 hours on it. Dealership said it's this model only ? Not sure what a person in this spot is suppose to do and wondering are your thoughts mite be. Thanks

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