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  2. So, I just bought a 2008 trx 700XX in perfect shape off of marketplace locally. It had a couple upgrades I guess when got it. A power commander (FMF) and full FMF titanium exhaust. I was so pumped to get it home and try her out because a: it was kept up very meticulously and b: after reading honda's spec sheet advertising the stock top speed of 83mph. Needless to say, It won't go anywhere near 80 mph. Although it'll pick the front end up in just about every gear. Has anyone done any modding to this atv and if so, what is the best mods for the bike? Don't let me give the wrong impression though. This is one bad ass bike! I freakin love it !
  4. where is the clicking and how much does it sound like a click.
  5. I loved them from the first time I saw one. But I was out of town working and i accidentally drank some motor oil from a old atv and got some kinda discease from it. every since then all I want to do is ride em, work on em, sit on em... pretty much do anything with em!!!!!
  6. WarPepper

    2009 TRX450R

    thats one sexy beast
  7. where can I get superclean at a good price?
  8. a tracking app on your phone I've found is essential. i had no idea how many trails there were just right around my neighborhood. but to topic, its the most calming, meditative thing i can think of after a hard days grind at work.
  9. Water, cigs, jelly beans , ear buds and my note 8 witha great mapping app I installed
  10. I sure could use some advice on this one. I recently purchased an 03' 660 grizzly 4x4 from what i THOUGHT was a friend. I started replacing and ordering parts as soon as I began to break it down. So, here is what I've replaced so far: -battery,relay,starter -wheel bearings, tie rods,cv axles, front diff bearings and seals, -carb, throttle cable, hand switch for throttle(thumb switch ass.) -brake master cylinder, calipers,pads,wheel studs/nuts -gastank,petcock, fuel lines, fuel filter,air filter. -plug,coil wire,key switch. I think you should be getting the picture by now. I planned on this thing being right when I finished. Only after I tore down the top end, cleaned the head, top of piston, rings and replaced gaskets(only), I get fire to plug, fuel (i think) to the cylinder , and by timing light Ive verified the timing is right, It won't FIRE UP when I spin it over. I did check compression, and through conflicting opinions it says that 168 to 185 is normal. I am only getting 25 psi no matter how many times I spin it over with the throttle wide open. is the decompressor on the cam gear causing this reading or do I need a top end kit also? any advice is more than welcome.
  11. First , with your meter set to DC and on 20v range like you have it in the pic, read the voltage across your battery. second, start your atv and read across the battery while its idling. you should read 12v without it running and 14v with it running.

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