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  1. WarPepper

    2003 Honda TRX 350 - Not Charging

    First , with your meter set to DC and on 20v range like you have it in the pic, read the voltage across your battery. second, start your atv and read across the battery while its idling. you should read 12v without it running and 14v with it running.
  2. sorry I thought you were looking for the forward/reverse lever
  3. eBay item number: 162563910797 this one is 40 bucks and arrives in 3 days
  4. WarPepper

    2000 Yamaha warrior electric

    Chain, are you saying there is no voltage available at your thumb switch? remember, you unplugged everything. I'd go through every plug and elect. connection before looking further.
  5. WarPepper

    Welcome to QUADCRAZY!

    Hi everyone. I'm from Mobile, Al. Its hot as all get out down here. I've owned numerous ATV's in my time but the only vehicle I own at the moment is an : 03' Yamaha 350 Warrior No mods yet, bone stock and tired as hell. But I am persistently molding it into a play toy to be proud of. I never had a warrior although the "Tank" of the late 90's was always one I wanted to try so here goes. I hope to update with pics as I progress. Thanks for having me and providing this great resource