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  2. Good point are these units rare or just obsolete?
  3. I have a 1987 Yamaha 220cc 2/4 the engine needs a cdi, needs brakes, all the plastic is in great shape and has all controls and switches new tires on front new magneto and pick up coils, new coil, and front wheel bearing. Tis is a four lug hubs front and back. I just removed the rear pumpkin and it was full of mud not oil. It turns freely though. My Delma is should I fix this unt or should I just part it out for another Yamaha?
  4. My 220 cc quad with four lug hubs has a vin# that states from the Yamaha dealer to be a 1987, it hatwo square headlights in front lower very close together. With a y phase magneto.
  5. The manual was easier to read with exception of the schematic unless i misread it I only found one schematic.
  6. After reviewing the Manual concering the electrical schematics the magneto coil I have on my moto-4 220cc, is a Y -phase not a single phase. The two asbestos coated wires I have are one orange and one white which are for the exciter. And one blue with white stripe and one green. I may end up discarding the original for a 350 harness which is more readily available, cdi as long as it does not affect the timing of the engine.
  7. Would a 350 harness and cdi work on a 220 or would the engine timing be off. It would appear almost impossible to locate a harness and cdi for a 220 without spending a arm and leg.
  8. I have a 220cc moto -4 with four lug hubs both front and back, we're they changed from 3 lug? Also what is the right hand axal spacer called it is at least 1.25 inches long and frozen to the shaft.
  9. Thanks for the help unfourntintly the color code is so small even blown up I was unable to verify the 8 wires coming out to the cdi then from the cdi to the harness.
  10. I have a 1987 moto-4 / timberwolf with a missing plugs to the magneto to the cdi out to the harness. Problem #1 white asbestos wire, orange asbestos wire, blue/white stripe, and green exist the magneto. #2 harness orange to coil blue /white stripe, black/ white stripe kill switch, black ground. I borrowed a spare cdi and the color code did not match and they are, #1plug white/orange stripe, white/ green stripe, brown, black. #2 orange, red/white stripe, black/white stripe, black. The magneto is not pluged nor is the harness. Any ideas or solutions?

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