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  2. Question for you guys that have worked on a Kodiak, I was wondering since it has a push button 2x4 to 4x4 does it have a slipping front differential or is it a locking front differential. If it's a slipping diff, has anyone tried to make it power both front tires at the same time? Thanks
  3. Do you have the fuel gauge that mounts to the gas tank? What about the plastic fuel petcock? Thanks
  4. My best guess is that you have a 2wd 250 bear tracker, if you look at the front fender for a big bear and a bear tracker they are different. The big bear has 4 vent pockets (2 on each side) right behind the headlights, the bear tracker doesn't have these vents. I believe that the C at the end of the part number on partszilla is for Canada (Km instead of MPH on the speedometer, but I could be wrong.
  5. With the shifter on the top plastic like that, the design of the front rack and the speedometer pod layout, I would say it's around an '87.
  6. Well I can add another wheeler to the list. I just picked up a 2000 yamaha kodiak 400 4x4.
  7. I didn't update the title, I was looking at a 1995 big bear 350 or a 1987 honda 350D. But now I found a 2000 yamaha Kodiak 400. For a little more than the big bear. So I might go that route instead.
  8. I know on mine it was from pulling things that were way to heavy for it. It was a farm ATV for a long time before I got it.
  9. Great question, I'm not sure I never had to mess with the idle adjustment on mine. Hope someone else can chime in that has a service manual or has done it before.
  10. I use partszilla for part numbers and sometimes the parts themselves, but usually ebay is the cheapest.
  11. Just ask if you need any other help, when I had mine I ended up replacing the Tbap wire harness, the hall effect speed sensor, cleaning the fuel sender unit, CV axles handle bars and a couple of other items. One trick I did learn if you're replacing axles is to use a wood chisel to get between the axle hub and the differential housing it will pop the axle right out. Those axles have a snap ring you need to collapse in order to remove them, the wood chisel trick saved me a ton of time.
  12. Barrysquad, not sure if you fixed your problem, but check out this topic, maybe this is the problem? 98 Yamaha Warrior 350 Bogs down Mid RPM
  13. How much free play will this adjustment take out?
  14. I would get a carb rebuild kit first, before replacing it, you could also look at the classifieds on Craigslist or Facebook I know there are guys in my area that buy broken ATv's and strip them to sell the parts. You might be able to find a good carb, and the front differential for cheap. One of my firends growing up had a '87 big bear 350 and it was a good machine, you really can't go wrong with an older Honda or Yamaha. I'm looking to pick up a '95 big bear 350 with a plow for around $1300, I would say you got a great deal if the plastics aren't broke apart. Can't help with the manuals, sorry.
  15. I had the splines go out on my 450S, I ended up replacing the main drive shaft and the main drive gear. I could tell it was out by jacking up the back end then putting it in 1st gear and rotating the rear tires, I could spin them with out too much effort. It wasn't too bad of a repair job.

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