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  2. If I am not mistaken, the solenoid is mounted to the metal battery box. The box acts as a ground to the solenoid mounting bracket. Ensure the area the solenoid is mounted to is clean. Or run a short ground cable from the negative battery terminal to the solenoid bracket.
  3. I'm not formilur with the timber wolf. I had the same issues with an older Polaris trailblazer and did the same replacement pieces that you had. My issue was, the solenoid actually had no ground cable, it used the frame it was mounted to as the ground , well that wasn't the greatest ground. I ran a ground cable from the battery negative terminal over to the solenoid mounting bracket. Problem solved. Hope this helps Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks so much for getting back to me. I went back through every​ power connection and ground, cleaned them and dielectric greased them. I found a couple with corrosion. I also removed the speed sensor and found it to be a little clogged. I cleaned it all up and it is running good for now, but I also haven't had it out in the deep snow yet. 8ne more thing I found was on the back of the main fuse box, there was 3 orange wires tapped together and not going to anything, they also were a little corroded so cleaned them and sealed them back up. Is there supposed to be unused wires going to the back of the fuse box? I am assuming so seeing as how it is running good and there are no openings on the back of the fuse block. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. A family member stopped over after a storm we had and didn’t believe the Outlander would make it through the 24" of snow we got. After driving around the yard for a bit, he wanted to get out to the road, little did he know, there was a ditch there. HAHAHAHAh. Nothing broke and was able to get it out after a little maneuvering.
  6. Posted Today, 01:22 PM Hey guys, looking for a little help on my 2006 outlander 800, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. 😀 So I was out plowing the other day and the wheeler started acting up, spitting and sputtering as if it was running on 1 cylinder. It did NOT flash up that it was limp home mode. I brought it in the garage and put the heat on it ( the machine was completely pack with snow ) Heated it up and she started right up and was running great. Before I brought it out I did a quick check for any lose wires and battery cables. Long story short,,, as soon as it gets in some deep snow for a little bit it will start acting up again. It usually happens after really getting on it for a couple of minutes and when you stop and idle it will start acting up. I decided to let it idle for a little bit when it was acting up, it finally stalled out and I got a message that said no ECM connection. I was able to make this happen several timers. Here is a list of things I have done. Brand new battery Took both battery cables off and inspected them, cleaned and reinstalled Check Regulator output Checked stator output Checked fuses in the front and the rear Checked all cables in the rear of the machine taking them off and cleaning them Unplugged every connection I could find on the machine and made sure they had no water or corrosion on them, added dielectric to all of them. After all of this, it is still acting up, once again, this only happens after it has been running for a little while. I also checked to see if the fan is working by bypassing the relay and it does. I do realize that the relay still could be bad and or the temp sensor. SO at the end of the day it is almost like there is 2 issues. 1. Runs extremely rough and will stall out in deep snow once up to temp. If it does stall out it says no ECM communication 2. Fan is not coming on by itself. If there is any other suggestion for me to try, your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advancve

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