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  1. A blind bearing puller attached to a slide hammer saves allot of headaches on these jobs. Especially when the majority of the time you get to them the bearing has disintegrated
  2. I'll go riding solo in the Rockies, but always carry a pack with enough supplies to last a day or so and try to stay on the more frequently traveled trails
  3. If you can't find marks, pull the intake valve cover, rotate engine counter clock wise until the valve moves then continue to rotate using something soft like a straw in the spark plug hole to tell you when the piston comes to tdc
  4. Your biggest choice will be going to the independent rear suspension machines. Power to weight ratio I love the brute 750 fuel injected machines.
  5. The valvoline 10w40 atv oil will be just fine for that machine. Most owners of an old work horse like that won't need to spend the cash on the full synthetics. I have not run across a bulk oil in drums yet
  6. If you're getting that pesky leaky seal on the pinion of your front differential and the pinion has allot of play, polaris won't sell the bushing needed to repair it properly without having to shell out big bucks for the complete ring and pinion kit. I have a kit with an upgraded bushing, Japanese made bearing and USmade seal 50 shipped in the US and 55 to Canada
  7. Well, happy day for everyone. You can bypass the issue by putting the brown wiresof the wheel hubs to a frame ground and problem solved. The switch gives the hubs 12 volt, the speedo gives it ground
  8. Wouldn't be a bad idea to change out the oil pump impeller and gasket while you're in there with the chains off. Either Ethan Thompson or Bobby beam on the Facebook brute force pages will have all of that sitting on the shelf ready to ship
  9. In all honesty, the best lasting machine for your money will be a late 2000s honda rubicon. Have had many through the shop with 30k miles on them
  10. When checking out all of these polaris make sure to grab ahold of the motor and try to move it. The motor mounts are known for failure and can cause all sorts of issues tearing up the clutches
  11. the level of oil is where it starts to trickle out of the fill plug unless it has a small bolt on the side of the differential case in the middle with a brass or aluminum washer

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