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  1. orvilleortiz538

    New member with kazuma

    Yeah they are,I'm going to rebuild and powder coat this bad boy...I already have 90% of the parts,just a few more and its GO!!! Time.... my powder coating machine is in as well,just waiting for the powder now....and I'll keep disassembling this bad boy....I'll take pictures of the process to post the transformation...the Before and After...
  2. orvilleortiz538

    Kawasaki Lakota spark issue

    It sounds like its running lean....what kind of carb you have? Air/Mixture screw and your idle screw,but you say it idles good,try the Air/Mixture one,but you have to warm up the engine and close it all the way, not to tight,you don't want to damage or brake it,slightly snugged,then turn it counterclockwise about 3/4 or 1 1 /4 turn then wait about one minute listen to the engine,you might have to play with that for a little until you get the adjustment you need...
  3. orvilleortiz538

    New member with kazuma

    I'm fixing all of them.... and my newest addition is the 2005 Kazuma Falcon 150cc just given to me couple days ago, I fix my friends gokarts and mini bikes,and I take whatever from his yard,so there's 2 of the Kazumas but I'm making 1 obviously, as far as I know there's 2 engines exactly the same, and best of all it has 2 good wiring harnesses which for some miracle they have not been chopped up,so now I'm preparing for this project, but I need to work minor stuff on the other ones,and I need a new harness for a Panther HD2 110cc, which I ordered through "Shopatvpartsonline" but they are a bogus company, they're fake,stole my money,but the Kazumas I have something good for that one,sand blaster,welder,engine rebuild,powdercoat frame,paint the plastics,new tires&rims etc.... I'll post as I go in my progress... thanks for the warm welcome brother!!! Because We're #QUADCRAZY Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. orvilleortiz538

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    Try downloading "Manuals library"from the app store, that's how I got my Kazuma Falcon 150cc repair manual.... Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  5. orvilleortiz538

    Kawasaki Lakota kef300

    Make sure your cdi is the correct one, they come in AC or DC you have to know what your stator is of either one... Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  6. orvilleortiz538

    New member with kazuma

    Hello I'm Orv538 I'm also new in this forum, I have a few quads,but 2 of them need serious work,05 I believe its Kazuma 150cc gy6 engine KZM157MQJ F/N/R ,07 Panther hd2 110cc ,2 -2012 Kandi 110cc and an Eton txl 50cc impulse that I'm gonna do a big bore kit soon,I'll be placing photos soon as I can,always working and no time for working on my stuff, but that's just life for some of us,it says here I need to post in order for me to download a manual, I lost count of my post,hopefully soon I can download the manual, thanks
  7. orvilleortiz538

    About ATVs

    Yeah I saw that 124cm3 on 110's'125's,150's and i did some research on it and this guy brakes it down like this Kzm157mqj number 1 stands for 1 cylinder engine #57 is the millimeter for the piston and he brakes down the lettering also, buggydepot.com and it kind of makes sense,supposedly they use that 124cm3 on all their bikes but some have bigger pistons cause its illegal to bore up quads etc..... and the guy who gave me the quad said that has a 150cc gy6 engine with 3 gears it has a shifter on the right side,but I'll dig more in that engine soon,I'll keep you posted,thanks for all the help.... Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  8. orvilleortiz538

    About ATVs

    150cc Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  9. orvilleortiz538

    About ATVs

    It was given to me,but its hard to find info in this Chinese knockoff,all I know as of yet is the vin# those ones I posted(Kazuma) GY6 engine Kzm157mqj 3 gears F/N/R but once I start taking it apart I'll keep the pics in order,and Yeah Man you're building something SERIOUS!!!! Nice I like it...that's it U just have to get creative with that grinder, welder and acetylene!!!! Thanks for the reply and pics... Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
  10. orvilleortiz538

    Introducing myself

    Hello I'm new to the forum I'm Orv538 just here to learn new stuff from you and to show some of the stuff I have going on in my little humble home,as a kid I grew up with nothing, and now a bit older I've become a handyman in just about every trade,and now I've been given some quads,they're Chinese but just a start,I'm making modifications to them,so I have my welder,grinders,compressor,my auto spray gun,multimeter etc..little by little I will share pics.... (07 Panther Hd2 110cc, this will get a 125cc big bore)(05 Kazuma Falcon 150cc gy6 F/N/R engine)(2000 Eton txl impulse 50cc gonna do a big bore kit on the Eton to 71cc or 80cc probably....) any help counts... thanks!!!
  11. orvilleortiz538

    About ATVs

    Hello guys I'm new to this forum,I have a few of those Chinese machines, yeah some could be garbage, but if you have some tools and a little bit of imagination and money of course to get parts and etc,you can actually modify your quad,I fixed my friends daughters gokart and he gave me this 05 Kazuma Falcon,(Raptor looking) GY6 engine KZM157MQJ F/N/R for free and I have some other ones working on them too,by the way "Shopatvpartsonline" they ripped me off this company doesn't exist stay away please,I need some info on this Kazuma Falcon,if it's a Falcon,that's what he told me,my friend but he's not sure,please help,thank you!!!