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  2. I’m in the market for my next ATV and am asking for some input from folks with more experience with multiple brands/models and their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve been using an ATV for farm work and hunting for 30+ years and in all those years I’ve owned only 2. My first I bought used, it was a Suzuki Quadrunner( I think) a 250 or 300. In 4x4 low range and low gear with diff lock I believe it would’ve pulled a freight train if it could maintain traction. In 1997 I won a Polaris Sportsman 400L 4x4 in a raffle and foolishly got rid of the Suzuki, but the Polaris has served me pretty well but with several repairs over the years. I’m looking to replace the Polaris with a new unit, something in the 500cc range and 4x4. I’m currently most interested in Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha. I know the Honda’s are available with both straight rear axle and IRS and 3 different transmission options, the Suzuki and Yamaha, to my limited knowledge, are only available with the IRS and belt driven automatic transmissions. I’m really not wanting this to become a Ford/Chevy/Dodge debate but rather just an attempt to gather information from the experience you all have had. As you may have gathered I keep my equipment a long time. I don’t drive through knee deep mud or cross creeks because I can but, I will and do, because I have to to get the job done. I appreciate any and all recommendations and advice. Thanks HD

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