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considering atv

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Wow Very nice.  Price range is really good for a bike like that with all the after market stuff.  Just be careful when you are buying.  

Make sure it’s all on the up and up.  If they ask you to send them your email address so they can send you more pics etc do not do so.  There are scams out there just to get your email addres and obtain personal information. 

Im not sure of the price range of bikes like that in your area but a bike like that here would be about $5000 K so I would see a red flag 🚩 but out near you that may be the value.   

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So I looked up that bike in your area and kbb has it at $4300 in good condition.  So if it’s in very good or better condition you have to figure $4800 and it has some after market parts.  So that’s a very good price this person is selling to for. Plus the owner is expecting a small deduction in price during negotiation prob no more then $200 at best maybe even $100 if you have the cash in hand.   

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looking at this polaris 335 again..  https://roanoke.craigslist.org/snw/d/buchanan-1999-polaris-335-4x4/6814841462.html   The guy said he would give it for 950 with a plow attachment.  I'm going to be up his way this weekend and was thinking of at least going to look at it.  Nada says its worth 600-1900 depending on condition..  right now it needs a starter and battery...  (1900 would be like new cond which this thing is not, but it's looking great for its age..)

kbb says its worth 1400 trade in or 2200 retail, but you almost never get as much as kbb says they'er worth

I'm still interested in the 570 in NC, but the price is just out of my range and I doubt I can get there fast enough (this weekend is the soonest I could look at anything)

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On 3/19/2019 at 1:26 PM, quadmaniac said:

Definitely a scam

the real test is whether they will actually meet you face to face.

On 3/18/2019 at 5:53 PM, Frank Angerano said:

Absolutely! Go through the bike and dont look excited. And explain how much money in parts and labor you have to put into the bike to what I like to say “get it back to good”  is.   Show him the cash and say look I’m here to buy.  He will come back at $900. 

yup- what I try to do- as soon as you act interested, they know they have you where you wont walk away..  Thats another thing- its hard to walk away from a deal-even if it isn't a deal.  Have done it though.

there was a 90s kodiak 400 4x4 that the guy wanted $500 from it and I went out and looked at it- just too much that he didnt know (didnt know what was wrong with it, he had parts off of it and 'didnt know where they were')...just a mess.  I walked away

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yep.  If it had been all together and not had parts missing and all torn apart like it was, I probably would have bought it, but I was smelling something fishy about how the guy was doing his work on it- it was under a tarp and torn down.  He didnt have all the parts, and just from looking at it, I could tell there was a lot more under the surface than what he was telling me..  but yea if I came across another kodiak, that bike would be helpful for parts.

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