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  1. I am a big fan of the battery tender brand, the are reasonably priced, seem to be resistant to weather, and last forever. I have the smaller ones for my ATV's and lager units for the truck, and marine battery's. I've had some cheaper ones but the magic smoke leaks out and they never work again.
  2. Well the snow at my place in North Dakota was like powder! so it was not an issue. If I was going to plow snow here in California, wet and heavy, I would buy chains, and make sure I had a powered lift so I could take smaller passes.
  3. I used one in North Dakota, with a winch. worked great in the snow. I also would look for used on craigs list.
  4. You really need to find out how many amps the sprayer is drawing and compare it to what your machine is putting out. . I had an issue with a high power radio drawing too much, so I purchased some 12 volt 5 AH Lithium Ploymer batteries used for large Quad copters. I wired two in parallel put them in a water proof box with a 12volt utility outlet and it makes a nice rechargeable portable power pack.

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