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  1. Frank, I am glad to hear someone else is having good luck with the Solder Seal connectors. On a side note, I have been surprised at the quality of support Quad Crazy members are providing for the less experienced. In the short time I have been a member, I have noticed you latch on to a difficult problem and logically walk them through trouble shooting it. I was originally just looking to pick up the service manual for my quads, and now find myself checking in, and seeing if I have anything meaning full to contribute. I am no mechanic, but work on industrial control systems so I can often contribute on basic electrical issues.
  2. I agree with the guys on get an amp clamp on there so you know how many amps your pulling, and put an inline fuse near your battery. My guess is you have a short in the light bar when on high... On high you it should read about 8.333 Amps, Just an option, but I would cut out any traditional but splices, and replace with a soldered connection and shrink tube. I have been testing Solder Seal connectors from amazon and they seem to be working really well. You just need a heat gun to install. They take a little practice but work well. For marine applications I add an additional section of shrink tube over the solder seal connector to make it extra water tight and a tougher layer of insulation.
  3. Has any one tried using the Harbor Freight Winch mounting plate on a 2001 Kawasaki 300 4x4 Bayou?
  4. I may have GPS issues… Where I live and ride most appliances and maps do not provide the forest service road numbers for the areas I ride. Most all of the trails and dirt roads out here are clearly marked, this disconnect has been a challenge for years. Below is a list of the different appliances and applications I have used over the years. I now use the Avenza Maps application which is free. The maps for a specific area are free or low cost. I download my maps prior to going on a ride, and I can switch between the 2014 OHV map (free) which tells me where I can ride, but lacks any good topo info, to my 2017 Forest Service map (4.99) with a ton of topo detail, then to a historical topo map from 1896 (Free) that shows me old mines and other landmarks that the Forest service has been removing from their new maps The application will show my tracks on all of the maps. I use a ram mount for my iphone on the quad, and a ram mount for Ipad mini on the side by side Garmin Maps on laptop with serial connected GPS Used in Truck to scout out hunting areas and plot out areas Elk were in. Garmin Rino forget model number – A Pair of them Great GPS and Ok Radio More complicated then people who ride with me were willing to learn. Motionx-GPS Great Topo Maps Street Maps Offline Maps Google Satellite Maps Easy to share Company has been around for many years, Good user interface. GPS Kit Great Topo Maps Offline Maps Google Satellite Maps Also has Street Maps Easy to share Second favorite app, down side for me no forest service Road Numbers. Avenza Largest selection of Maps Great Topo Maps Offline Maps Also has Street Maps Easy to share
  5. A yellow 3 wheeler, it was 41 years ago so I'm a little fuzzy on the details. It was an amazing ride in it's day!
  6. I also have a 300 bayou, here in Redding CA we are expecting it to be over 100 degrees all week and it is not uncommon for it to hit 110. with our higher than average temps, would any of the previous posters have a different answer?
  7. Lots of OHV areas here in California, most forget California is still mostly Forest, or farm land. I found a great place to find new areas to ride is the forest service website. Theyseem to have made a real effort in opening up new areas. The Forrest service also provides some good maps you can use with a Phone or GPS enabled tablet. The Application for the maps is called Avenza.. I save all my rides and export to google earth. and no I don't work for Avenza or the forest service. I did spend years calling the forest service before heading to a new area only to get a un-clear answers.
  8. I use 1" or better and I always tie it down to 4 points. I was told to make sure you ratchet it down tight enough to get an inch or two compression on your Quad or Bikes springs. This will help keep a hook from falling off a d-ring.
  9. I am a big fan of the battery tender brand, the are reasonably priced, seem to be resistant to weather, and last forever. I have the smaller ones for my ATV's and lager units for the truck, and marine battery's. I've had some cheaper ones but the magic smoke leaks out and they never work again.
  10. Well the snow at my place in North Dakota was like powder! so it was not an issue. If I was going to plow snow here in California, wet and heavy, I would buy chains, and make sure I had a powered lift so I could take smaller passes.
  11. I used one in North Dakota, with a winch. worked great in the snow. I also would look for used on craigs list.
  12. You really need to find out how many amps the sprayer is drawing and compare it to what your machine is putting out. . I had an issue with a high power radio drawing too much, so I purchased some 12 volt 5 AH Lithium Ploymer batteries used for large Quad copters. I wired two in parallel put them in a water proof box with a 12volt utility outlet and it makes a nice rechargeable portable power pack.

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