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  1. Bought an '11 Vic with the 4.6L back in June and a few months back I tried to change out the plugs. All came out ok except for cyl 4 which only cranked out 1/4 turn. Had a shop take it out and they said they had to redo the threads. I've seen videos where you can remove a stuck plug by drilling into it somehow, but because this was in the 4 position and hard to get to I'm guessing they just power cranked it out. Not sure but I'm guessing those threads are compromised now. Well, this past weekend that same plug blew out of cyl 4. Inspection reveals a coil and boot jammed up underneath the fuel rail and a plug that I fished out without any turning. When I go to install a new plug it just sits on top of the threads and turns without going in. So I guess what's happened is that the plug rotated most of the way out but when it got to the last couple threads the compression blew it out the rest of the way, and that it's just the top few threads in the hole that are damaged. Inspection of the plug reveals that most of the threads are intact except for the 2-3 that are closest to the element. So my question is...should I try to fix this myself or just take it to a shop? Some kind of tap tool would probably fix it, but since it's the beginning threads that are boogered it'd probably have to start from the inside of the cylinder. I really don't have a clue as to how to approach this.
  2. '11 Grizz 700 here. Since I've got some warm weather these next couple days I've decided to start the bike after about a year of just sitting. Took out the plug and sprayed a good amount of fogging oil on top of the piston to help lubricate things. After about a minute of letting it soak I stuck my air line tubing in to suck out the excess, but it seems like I didn't get nearly as much in return. Repositioned the tube enough so that everything that was gonna come out pretty much did. I'll probably shoot some compressed air down the plug hole before doing the start just to make sure it's all out, as well as cranking it for a second before putting the plug back in. How long would it take for a bit of standing fogging oil to seep past the piston rings, and where would it go? I guess into the engine oil? The oil was fairly new the last time it was started but I'm sure it could stand to be changed after sitting for so long. If much of this fogging oil got into the engine oil should I do the change before the startup?
  3. bradleyheathhays

    Cleaning up a rusty exhaust cover

    Thanks for all the advice. Doesn't have to look all that good really...just don't want it having the crappy rust look it's got going on now. I'll prob blast it, paint it then be done. What's that old saying, 'dones better than good'
  4. bradleyheathhays

    Cleaning up a rusty exhaust cover

    Sandblast and then cover with some black high temp spray paint?
  5. I'm about to sell the ole '11 700 Griz and I'd like to clean up the metal exhaust cover that's toward the front of the machine. Its got a lot of surface rust so I'm figuring the best thing to do is just sand blast it? Any other ideas or thoughts on cleaning it up?
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  7. bradleyheathhays

    2011 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Need Coolant Advice

    Right on thanks for the advice
  8. Someone had mentioned they thought Wilderness Trail Off Road Park was closed. Can anyone else confirm this?
  9. After some research, Wilderness Trail Off Road Park close to Pineville, KY paired with the nearby Pine Mtn. State Park looks like a pretty good deal. Only 119 miles away, no trail fees (saving ~$140), decent log cabins at the park for $90/night vs. $140 other places, saving $100. People there say they have easy trails leading up to great views, called 'top of the world.' And with zip lines and hiking in the park I don't see how you could go wrong. Maybe they'll be a space we can set up a tent outside the cabin. Anybody with experience with this area?
  10. 2011 Grizz 700 here and so far the only thing I've been told about replacing my coolant is that I should put the same color stuff back in that came out. But other than that nothing specific. A search through both the service or owner's manual gave no coolant info other than capacity. Here's a comparison of the old and the proposed new... The stuff on the left, what's coming out, is a blue-green. I'm second owner and only put about 75 miles on the machine, so I have no idea how old this coolant is. Stuff on the right is the new coolant the guy at the car shop suggested, and is more of a pure lighter translucent blue. It's Pentofrost NF, whatever that is. He said it's what's recommended for European, including BMWs. Here's the bottle... So... 1) have I found the right coolant? and 2) does this stuff need to be diluted? The bottle says it's 'full strength.'
  11. I'm trying to put together a 3 night (Mon-Thurs) little get away and need some help finding a good location. Here's what I'm looking for... 1) 2 days worth of easy mostly non-technical ATV trail riding (w/ passenger) with good look outs. 2) Nearby camping with facilities that's not too crowded. 3) Rental cabins close to the trail head. The first ATV park I know of is Black Mountain in Evarts KY. Lots of trails but I suspect they may lean more toward the technical side. Not sure about the cabin or camping situations in the area. The second is Ride Royal Blue just off I75 in Pioneer, TN. Good easy trails and cabins, but the camping situations I'm not too sure about. So...can anybody tell me about more locations w/in say 200 miles of Lex, KY that might be toward what I'm looking for?
  12. bradleyheathhays

    Sparkplugs and crush washers

    Just put a new plug in then had to take it out to rotate the engine to measure valve clearance, which has got me wondering about the crush washers on spark plugs. Do you have to get a new crush washer to re-insert the same plug? What's the torque procedure for a plug in an ATV engine, snug plus a quarter turn?
  13. bradleyheathhays

    What size hex driver again?

    Having a problem figuring out what size hex wrench this part takes. It's labeled #9 at the extreme bottom right of the diagram... I have a half inch hex and that's def not it, too small. No parts store in town has anything that size so I'm gonna have to special order. Any idea what size driver this part takes?
  14. bradleyheathhays

    Fouled plug pics...diagnosis please?

    Here's what just came out of the old '11 700 Grizz... The pics indicate some kind of build up on 3 surfaces...the base ring, and on both the electrode and ceramic opposite where the strap attaches. What condition does this suggest? Also, this article... How to read Racing Spark Plugs - Dragstuff indicates since there's no color change in the middle of the ground strap that there's some type of temp problem. Or does this not apply as the article is talking about racing spark plugs? Thanks
  15. bradleyheathhays

    Oil them gaskets?

    I'm going into my '11 Grizz 700 to adjust valve clearance for the first time and when I button everything back up I'll be replacing all the gaskets / o-rings. The 5 I'll be replacing include (from the top down) both valve cover gaskets, cylinder head cover gasket, and the 2 gaskets in the crankcase cover. Do I need to coat these gaskets with motor oil before putting them on like when replacing your oil filter?