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  1. I replace the just the bendix gear for the starter motor and now it starts right up, i guess it wasn't turning over as fast as it should
  2. I put a OTC spark tester on the spark plug lead and had good blue spark, then I used my adjustable spark tester and found the electric start would produce a max of 1/4 spark jump, the pull cord would max at 3/8 jump. Then I installed a new spark plug non resister type and lowered the gap to 0.020 and it still would not run with electric start but still starts fine with pull cord.
  3. I have a 2000 Polaris Xplorer with the 250 two stroke motor It does not want to start with the electric start, the motor cranks fast, the battery is good, and there is good spark when cranking. The engine starts perfect when using the pull cord, it even starts if I pull the cord slowly and starts with one pull. The engine idles smoothly once started. My wife says she needs the electric start to work.
  4. I have had similar problems on a couple of machines, one solution was replacing a faulty aftermarket cdi box, another problem for a different machine was a vacuum leak at boot between carb and cylinder head
  5. Fluid from the exhaust could be gasoline, did you replace any parts in the carb? If not, buy a rebuild kit, they can be found on ebay for under $30. The float on the carb is probably leaking and flooding the engine. Check the engine oil too see if it is too full, if its too full it might have gas in it. You will need to replace the engine oil and filter if the oil is mixed with gas.
  6. The front final drive could last for several more years, most of them when new had a good deal of play
  7. The gap is important but usually its not adjustable on the type of atv you have. You can measure the resistance of the coil, if its infinite resistance then the coil is bad
  8. First check the wiring for breaks in the wiring from the stator to the main wiring harness. Next use a multimeter to chech the resistance between the yellow wires coming from the stator. From one wire to the next it should have less than 2 ohms. A high or infinite resistance between two of the wires indicates an open in the stator wiring which is fixed by replacing the stator.
  9. Does the engine die when you put it in forward gear?
  10. Do you have a multimeter? measure resistance on main switch, black to black/red, and red to brown. Both should have continuity when switch is on and no continuity when switch is off
  11. Cant test CDI, need to test everything else before you can suspect CDI, you can replace CDI with known good one. CDI is under the front body plastics, inbetween and above front tires...I think
  12. Do these help 1990-1997 TRX200.pdf 1992 TRX200 TRX200SX.pdf

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