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  1. Hello MarkinAR, My guess it is maybe one from our (WONDERFUL) trading partners over seas, as It was from Amazon. I've yet to take it out on a along trip, as the temps are hovering close to 0F, but it is running better than it has in years. The grandson drove while I rode for about 45 minutes around the neighborhood. No issues. My one complaint is that it does seem to require some choke to start in a 55F shop, but other than that, I'm happy.
  2. 1999 YFM350 Big Bear. I replaced the carb & intake tube (new spark plug and fuel cock), because it was extremely hard to start, even sometimes with ether. Same issue. Then I found out about Valve Clearance. I attempted to adjust both intake and exhaust, but missed the step of Top Dead Center. (I now have the Service Manuel) Started and ran. Plenty of power, but severe lifter chatter. I then discovered the step I missed. Went back and carefully set the clearance, would start and run, but only after a small shot of ether. I could stop and restart it several times, until it
  3. Hello All, I have a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 trying to get fixed up so my grandson can go out in the woods with me. We have owned it over 10 years. It got harder to start, until it finally would not. Replaced the carb. Right afterwards, it started and ran nicely, but after turning it off, would not restart. Tonight I used starting fluid and ran, then died. Adjusted the idle up a little, used more starting fluid and ran great. It idled about 15 minutes. Turned it off, and restarted. Ran it around the yard about 5 minutes. Turned it off, and would not restart. Any ide

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