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  1. I can't find anything that specifically tells the difference but I notice in consulting the googles... the 44D31 is most often mentioned for motorcycle and 44D21 is most often mentioned for the Quadmaster. And Amazon lists the same knock off regulator replacing both the 21 and 31 models. So who knows. Is there a part number anywhere on yours to cross reference?
  2. Odd on the valves being loose. Valve stem seal's only job is to keep oil from running down the stem into the chamber. They don't hold the valves in place. So if the valves were sloppy with the head off i'd think the guides were shot and need replacing. That would also cause compression issues if the valves wiggle on the seat.
  3. Probably not a lot you can do for power since those are weird hybrid honda knockoffs usually. Lot of proprietary stuff. Maybe you can change the clutch springs or add a shim to lower the gear ratio a bit?
  4. Have you checked the plug to see if its rich or lean? Sounds like it's running out of fuel once its warm, I'm wondering if the plug shows it to be lean. Or maybe a plugged fuel cap vent causing vaccum lock on the tank?
  5. New OEM harness is $150 on Partzilla. That's probably a lot cheaper than hours spent tracking down an internally broken wire or sheared insulation causing a ground short. On ATV flips I nearly always undervalue my hourly rate and assume that as long as selling price is higher than what it took to get it ready to sell then I'm good and making a buck. But I rarely figure in cost per hour for my time. Assuming that Frank's suggestions above don't resolve the issue anyway....
  6. @Dra O Just north of LR. Small world! I looked at the member map a bit ago and was surprised how many members there were of this site in the central part of the state. Only a few active ones though...most were past members.
  7. Disappointing nanny state. Hopefully the US doesn't follow suit. I'd be interested to see who owns Quadbar and Lifeguard since the folks saying these must be adopted are mentioning these products as the two options available to remain in compliance.
  8. Skirt slap in the cylinder like that is not totally unusual when the rings are worn completely out. Chevy 5.3's often have that same skirt slap. I'd run a hone through it and see if they clean up. If they don't and are deep enough to feel with your fingernail it either needs to be bored up a size or a new cylinder. If i was flipping that thing i'd put a cheap cylinder and piston on it and send it on it's way. If i was keeping it to ride for a while i'd either bore it or get a better quality Weisco kit or similar.
  9. That looks like the rubber bushing that should have been inside the plug boot just came off and stayed on the plug. Can you get to it with a pick and try to bury it in the rubber and pull it back out? My spark plug sockets always do that so I have a few without the rubber bushing in them from that very scenario.
  10. I'd run the power wire that goes directly to the winch to the battery; those carry quite a bit of amperage and need the heavy wire to the power source. The winch solenoid though can be wired to about anything since it's low draw. Last one I did, I put a rocker switch providing power to the solenoid so it's not hot every time the key is turned on. With a separate switch, the solenoid only clicks closed when I want it to. I took power from the ignition switch for the rocker switch. Folks often use the ignition switch for the winch solenoid directly and if it's always on it tends to burn the ignition switch up quite frequently.
  11. do they straighten up with someone on the quad? or are the shocks cranked up? it just looks like it's sitting a bit high making the tops come out a bit. likely with some weight they sit normally.
  12. So the 300FW saga continues. Back together and rode 2 weekends and it turned into a mosquito fogger. Dude is burning oil by the mouthful. After further consideration, i figure this is about normal. Blowing the output shaft housing interrupted the oil flow to the head and thus overheated and softened the rings in the 10 seconds it ran with the side of the motor broken. Woops. New OEM rings came in the other day and we pulled the motor to give it a good once over. Should be back together and back to normal by the weekend. Funny how one problem can cause so many issues down the line. Edit: yes i know you can change the rings with it in the frame. But a half dozen bolts and a strain on the ole lower back and the motor is completely accessible on the floor.
  13. @Frank AngeranoWhat are the chances that the glue turned loose from engine heat and then restuck when it cooled off? Looking at those magnets better, I'm almost positive they bunched together with glue in a liquid state due to centrifugal force. Either way, that's a first for me. Seen em cracked, falling apart in pieces, missing chunks, turned completely loose. But never bunched up like that.
  14. Sorry to jump in about a dozen conversations behind but if the relay is clicking and it's not reliably starting it's most likely the solenoid. The relay clicks closed and throws electricity to the solenoid to close it. If it's not closing reliably then voltage doesn't get to the starter. My oldest runs through solenoids constantly because of mud and water. They get wet inside and corrode in days and then they're trashed.
  15. Damn. Easy there gents, I was only relaying a previous thread I read somewhere on here. But would it not stand to reason that a CDI does indeed have a shelf life due to moisture? Bare metal crusts in ambient humidity so maybe a CDI on a shelf for a few years could draw a bit of humidity? Especially given that there is no QC on imported Chinese parts?

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