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  1. Stator output is not constant as it is RPM dependent. Likely minimum would be at or above 12V with high RPM pushing it to quite a bit higher with the regulator keeping the system around 13ish so it doesn't burn the electronics out.
  2. Love the intelligent banter above on CDI's. For a simpleton like me, I'll distill it down: If everything else tests good, it's a bad CDI. There's no at home test for an average DIY guy like me to conclusively test a CDI....so all things ruled out, it only leaves one option. Occam's Razor, if you will.
  3. There's not much of anything you can't do yourself with a little time and research. Good work.
  4. @SashaGraves21 If the noise seems to be in the general tire area I would suspect a bad wheel bearing. Bearings heat and expand under use so that probably explains why you hear it after riding a bit. But that's just a guess.
  5. Ended up trading this one as it sat for a 9mm. Not a bad trade having only $50 in it. As far as an ignition switch, I'm not sure. Lots of Suzuki's had them, but that's about all I can remember in older stuff. Newer Can Am's have a 3 way but that's a chipped key that requires an ECU. I would bet something like the link below would work, but can't confirm since I don't have either available to check. https://www.hqpowersports.com/p/ignition-key-switch-1987-1995-suzuki-lt-80s-lt-80-s-atv-new/
  6. Could be a bit of water in the gas or trash in the throttle body. I'd drain the tank and refill with fresh non ethanol gas and see if that helps. Then move on to cleaning the throttle body. Might also take a look at the plugs, they may just be coincidentally crapping out.
  7. I put a 2x6 about 3 feet long on the bead with one end on the ground and drive my truck up the board like a ramp. Usually pops the bead right off.
  8. Sounds like the o-rings in the MC aren't sealing completely and letting a bit of pressure escape back into the reservoir. Had a MC on a Chevy do that a while back.
  9. Same. I read through new posts all the time out of curiosity.
  10. Will the MC pump fluid out if you just crack a line? If not, then it's probably defective out of the box. Sometimes air pockets are nearly impossible on those little MC's so often times you have to power bleed them with a suction gun.
  11. Coil is nearly always direct ground to the frame. If it's a single wire coil, it's definitely ground to frame.
  12. Timing chain is probably stretched and slapping the case. Folks never replace those and don't until they break and throw the piston into the valves.
  13. Very valid point @MaxPax. I would venture to say that a lot of the division is intentional. As long as there is strife, there has to be a savior. Unfortunately, there are plenty of not so well meaning folks that want to be the savior.
  14. Could be trash on the magneto side of the case, one way bearing on the clutch making noise, might even be something as simple as a heat shield vibrating at a certain frequency generated by RPM. Can you post a video so we can hear it and maybe help diagnose?
  15. Good way to spend time together. Lot of life lessons covered in grease and bloody knuckles.

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