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  1. Can you believe this thing blew a new head gasket after a few weekend rides? Granted, it was beat on in a mud hole every weekend, but this is a new head gasket on a 400 Kodiak. Bummer.
  2. I did but haven't seen a reply yet. Probably a result of outsourced parts from overseas.
  3. Stupid question, but have you checked the spark plug boot? I had one not long ago that wouldn't fire a spark plug for anything. Finally checked the boot for connectivity out of curiosity and it had none...changed that and it was good to go.
  4. There are only a couple of years that fit the 86. They used the same CDI for the last 3 wheelers and first gen 4 wheelers. They are very rare indeed.
  5. So just as a general FYI, it might be good to check replacement parts before installing. If possible, check clearances with a micrometer before going through the trouble of assembly. I say this as I bought a new driveshaft yoke for a Kodiak because the ujoint dropped a cap and got the yoke in a bind...blowing the yoke and middle drive gear to shreds. So I replaced the middle drive gear and bought a new yoke and ujoint kit from Caltric. Caltric is usually pretty solid replacement parts. The new yoke however was a good 4mm too narrow for inside lock ujoint caps. Disappointing since it came as a kit from Caltric. Ended up taking an angle grinder to the new yoke and thinning material off to get it to the needed 41.25mm opening size. Sucks having to disassemble everything again and start over but my fault for trusting replacement parts. Nearly 40 years of turning wrenches and I made a rookie mistake.
  6. Nah, you're good using a screwdriver to turn it over. That's all a solenoid does anyway, it just creates contact internally between positive and negative terminals internally. You're just doing it externally.
  7. Man, you're braver than me if you use those adjustable spacers like that. I've seen those pop out on a car. I was looking at a milled aluminum spacer like you use on a late model Chevy truck. There are several companies that make them and they're pretty cheap. Just compress the spring, pop the top off the shock, insert spacer.
  8. They look safer than a bracket lift. Those just look hokey to me.
  9. Have any of you fine folks used coil spring spacers to lift an ATV? Ole 93 Kodiak could use a smidge more lift and they are cheap enough. Might ride rough but that's ok cuz the shocks are toast anyway. Thoughts?
  10. I had a 4 wheeler a bit ago that was hard to idle, hard to start, popped at WOT after running a while...always ran great cold. Issue on that one turned out to be trash in the bottom of the gas tank. As you ran and disturbed the gas it would shake up the bits and clog the screen on the petcock. After it sat a bit, the trash would fall off the petcock and it would run fine again until it stopped up again..vicious cycle. cleaned the tank and never had an issue with it again. Might be unrelated to your issue, but something to consider.
  11. Vehicle insurance (or boat, ATV, etc) is a real oddity. It's one of few things that we purchase primarily to protect others. Here in AR, you need liability insurance at a minimum...and that is just to protect someone else's property should you damage it. Completely different than health insurance, crop insurance, etc. Why do we buy trashbags with the sole intention to throw them away? I know no other product that you can buy just to throw away.
  12. True...however $60 is paper thin ching chong knock off. Was hoping to find a good OEM 2nd hand but no luck... it's about a Hundo for a decent aluminum piece.
  13. I have looked at making my own from flat steel but it's not possible to hug the brake rotor and sprocket close enough without being stamped steel. It would just hang down too low. I guess it could broken down into 100 small pieces and welded to duplicate stamping....
  14. Do any of you fine folks happen to have a rear swing arm skid plate for a 400EX you would part with at a reasonable price? New ones are between $60 and a Hundo and that seems a bit steep. I've kicked around the idea of fabbing one but 2nd hand OEM would be preferable. Thoughts? I have a belly skid plate but missing the swing arm skid plate and really don't wanna taco the brake rotor.
  15. Core support will pull back out, I've been rebuilding cars for nearly 40 years. Likely just need a hood and a lot of elbow grease.

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