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Which ATV hold better value as used


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Exactly.. And some bikes need a lot spent on them, and some don't, and some get the money required and some don't. The value to the seller is mostly dependent on what they have spent on their bike. 

The only real way to answer your question here and now is to look at your local second hand market.


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Reliability holding value and performance.  I have had a 250 since 89 and never done anything to it except starter, its now worth twice what I paid for it. Just my opinion, never rode a Polaris they may be good. In my area the Hondas bring the biggest price  on the used market, Foremans and Ranchers second is Yamaha, Big Bears and Kodiaks running in good shape sell immediately. 

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Southern US as a whole Honda is always going to hold value better in the long haul.  Polaris is a love hate, personally I hate them because there are so many one year only quirks, harder to work on because some things just don't make sense.  Hondas have more or less looked the same since the 80s.  Two different target customers for those two machines though so really impossible to compare.

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If I was buying a new one, I would go to all the dealers sit on them and see which one is the most comfortable and fits you best with ease of controls, you are going to be sitting and driving this for a while and I wouldn't compromise comfort , they are all good as long as you maintain them and not terribly abuse them, you will be fine. 

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Also have to consider how far you live from a dealership.  Nearest Can-Am, and Honda dealer is an hour away, Kawasaki, Suzuki is 30 miles away. Yamaha and Polaris is 15 minutes.  I don't see many Hondas while running around the countryside.  Honda makes an excellent machine but numbers speak volumes.  

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Here in Wyoming, Honda wins in my opinion.  Honda is built MUCH better than others, especially Polaris.  I have owned and worked on many ATV's.  The only thing I had to do to the Honda is clean the carb after it sat for about 6 years before I acquired it.  That being said, I have never had to work on my Outlander 1000 and it has a good resale value.  

in short, Honda.

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On 2/27/2023 at 3:59 PM, prdicon said:

I was looking to buy a new ATV

I was debating between Polaris sportsman 450 and Honda rancher.

Polaris it a bit cheaper.

But can you tell me which one will have more demand on the used market? Which one will keep it's value better?


Let's say 3-5 years from now.

Personal opinion but I would says Honda without a doubt

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New to forum but have been riding and opened several machines over the years. For what it’s worth in my opinion, I’ve only done preventive work on Hondas and Suzuki’s. I went through 2 Polaris sportsman’s before I learned my lesson. But some folks swear by them. Parts were east to come by for Polaris but never needed parts for the 88 or 02 Honda I currently own. The 88 250x is still going strong for value if ya look online. 

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