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  2. finally put a 160 miles on and now it's into the shop for the first service. here are a few pic's from the last two rides
  3. Thanks BuckBilly Ajmboy, Not yet and with a few things coming up this weekend it's looking like next week A buddy of mine has two '08's and I've racked up a few miles on his the thing I'll really be watching is the off camber areas.
  4. In the last five years I've had the pleasure to ride what I believe is one of the finest ATV's My '05 'Desert Edition' Honda Rubicon. From the desert flats in 100° heat to elevations of 10,000ft, in temps of 19° Through boulder infested dried up river beds and wash's and a occasional run in fender deep snow not once did I have to walk or be towed back to camp ! This has allowed me to rack up 9,200 issue free miles and the opportunity to ride and meet with some fantastic people across the state of Arizona and points beyond...it's been a most excellent adventure to say the least. At th
  5. Depending on the time of year sometimes you can ride all four seasons in one day !
  6. QUADTREK UPDATE: May 15th 2008 I would personally Thank all of the ATV Forum Administrators across the United States & Canada for all of their help and allowing me to post the updates. What an adventure ! And A Big Thank You to Marc & France and Minne too for letting us 'Ride Along' on this Once in a Lifetime Ride. March 18th to the 26th, 2008 From Yuma to Kingman, Arizona. The ride might be over but the adventure Never Ends ! Keep the Quadtrek link handy as Marc & France will have some closing thoughts yet to come. Quadtrek.net Again Thanks Everyone for all of the ki
  7. Quadtrek's back in the USA ! Day 252 to 255. March 14th to the 17th, 2008 From San Felipe, Mex. to Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A. Quadtrek.net
  8. Quadtrek Update ! Day 238 to 251. February 29th to march 13, 2008 From El Pabellon to San Felipe. Minne Meets a "Boyfriend" And Some Fantastic Pictures ! Quadtrek.net
  9. This is Correct I'll be meeting up with them in Parker,AZ next week
  11. I picked up this set up They work surprising well even in the canyons ! Motorola T8550r Gmrs/Frs 2-Way Radios With 18-Mile Radios - Gps Gmrs
  12. Please Remember to Check the batteries in your Smoke & Co2 Detectors.

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