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Water, Snow & Other Powersports

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Snowmobile, Jet Ski, personal water craft (PWC), Boating, and other off-road powersports forum.

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    • The black plug could be two things. One is a need to adjust the carb maybe two rich.  Second is its fouled up from oil blow by if the rings are on the way out. Possibly from over reving. I would try a couple of things. First and foremost I would take a compression reading and see what you have. Should be well over 90 possibly to 110.  If not then there is a problem like rings or a seal. Secondly is a slight carb adjustment on the air fuel screw.    The last thing I would also do is ride the bike and wait until it gets that hard to start condition and have a new spark plug ready to go. Pop it in (don’t get burnt changing it ) and see if the bike fires right up.  If so then it’s most likely an oil foiled condition.   As far as the smoking on the head when oil burns off if it’s leaking from the head it’s hard to spot because it burns right up.   But the over reving is not good at all and could have blew a seal or wore the hell out of the rings.   
    • What I have and use at this time. (pics from last fall when I bought my Sportsman 500, two + hrs from home.)
    • I see this older thread popped up, so thought I'd add to it. I bought an older Polaris Sportsman 500 ('96) last fall. I mainly bought it as a utility vehicle, for use around woodlots etc. Had it out to a buddy's 65 acre woodlot/building lot last sunday and was quite impressed by it's performance. I think it's a keeper
    • Ok great.  Post some pics when the bike is all together and running good.  Ride safe. 

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