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Ctec2 800

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It's dynoed at 160.08 ,and it seems that most cat guys are dissapointed with it. Lower top end sluggish and concerns of it not being as accepting to mods as the dirty zuke. What are your thoughts 

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My thoughts while reading this are that I know absolutely nothing about snowmobiles but now want to know more. Is that 160 HP? what's the top speeds?

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10 hours ago, quadmaniac said:

My thoughts while reading this are that I know absolutely nothing about snowmobiles but now want to know more. Is that 160 HP? what's the top speeds?

160 hp,yes. Top speed of the average 160hp sled is around 110mph.  Highest recall on my 800 pro r was 111 . Mines only 150hp, but it hooks hard and pulls like crazy. Skis come up 6inchs if you hammer it at 70mph lol. The new 4stroke turbos are good for 200 hp stock,can get up over 300 hp ,and do around 115 mph stock

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