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  1. Where's Fox and Scully when you need them ?
  2. It's dynoed at 160.08 ,and it seems that most cat guys are dissapointed with it. Lower top end sluggish and concerns of it not being as accepting to mods as the dirty zuke. What are your thoughts
  3. 160 hp,yes. Top speed of the average 160hp sled is around 110mph. Highest recall on my 800 pro r was 111 . Mines only 150hp, but it hooks hard and pulls like crazy. Skis come up 6inchs if you hammer it at 70mph lol. The new 4stroke turbos are good for 200 hp stock,can get up over 300 hp ,and do around 115 mph stock
  4. The first movie was awesome. Beyond funny lol. This is in anticipation of the 2nd
  5. I don't think I've laughed so much when I watched the first one
  6. Here's another lol...
  7. Buddy of mine is the lead singer in this band,and they just shot a video. . It's pretty cool . Thought I'd share
  8. Holy hell lol https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=x0umWfufNlE
  9. Up here most trails are on crown land, and legally you can still ride an atv or drive a truck on our sled trails. It's completely disrespectful but it happens A LOT here,which is why I lost it in that thread. They don't think they destroy the trails,but the do very much ..which the sledders pay for ,at the tune of 150.00 per year . Some guys just don't get it,but it's a problem that will likely never go away. What should happen is allow the atvers the opportunity to purchase a trail pass ,and contibute to the system. .only problem is its an old law and revisiting it for the purpose of allowing atvs the opportunity, will likely never happen. Trails would also have to be widened ,which would be a lot of volunteer work .
  10. I'm involved 8n thus stupid thread on trackshare ..username is xcr700 and I call it like it is http://www.trackshare.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86062
  11. Thanks buddy😆
  12. 90% of the guys on trackshare are very respective towards each other's groups ,but there's a few on there that just don't care. It's the same argument every year lol. I obviously do both and it's a shame that they both don't get along well here.
  13. I really liked it too,and I'm a rock guy lol. Liked it so much I downloaded some more from Spotify lol
  14. For me, it was after 15 years of breaking and dislocating everything. .decided 4 wheels would be safer
  15. That would be great
  16. Yep. That's what I like about trackshare. They cater to both atv and sleds lol
  17. Very retro indeed 😆.. I'm also on freedom sledder. . It looks like they use the same software as this site
  18. I voted no,but meant to say yes lol. Finger slipped. I also belong to Trackshare
  19. Vertiscope blows. They almost single handily destroyed hcs
  20. Gage ...bail bail bail . Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing
  21. Just curious how many people ride when it's -30c ? We still go. But pull the plug on anything colder
  22. Brady ftw.. wicked comeback. Back from 25
  23. Just curious how many people bbq in the winter ,and what do you prefer ..propane,natural gas or charcoal? We bbq year round ,even -30c lol. I prefer charcoal but we use propane for now
  24. For the drinkers..what are you drinking tonight? I'll be into some crown and coke soon