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  1. For me, it was after 15 years of breaking and dislocating everything. .decided 4 wheels would be safer
  2. That would be great
  3. Yep. That's what I like about trackshare. They cater to both atv and sleds lol
  4. Very retro indeed 😆.. I'm also on freedom sledder. . It looks like they use the same software as this site
  5. I voted no,but meant to say yes lol. Finger slipped. I also belong to Trackshare
  6. Vertiscope blows. They almost single handily destroyed hcs
  7. Gage ...bail bail bail . Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing
  8. Just curious how many people ride when it's -30c ? We still go. But pull the plug on anything colder
  9. Brady ftw.. wicked comeback. Back from 25
  10. Just curious how many people bbq in the winter ,and what do you prefer ..propane,natural gas or charcoal? We bbq year round ,even -30c lol. I prefer charcoal but we use propane for now
  11. For the drinkers..what are you drinking tonight? I'll be into some crown and coke soon
  12. I can't stand beer . Rum is too sweet. Rye for me,which is what I'm into tonight lol
  13. Because it's sled season for me, I'm posting this... it's fawking hilarious
  14. I tried that before ,but didn't work ? I'll try it again in a bit. I'm obviously doing something wrong lol Thanks !
  15. It's rye and coke time lol
  16. Another one lol. https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=4F6ljAtwJvg
  17. Starting to see a lot more rednecks Witt giant ass diesels with these ridiculous exaust stacks coming out of the box lol. Holy hell. One guy in the town over from me has some pos 2wd 305 gm with massive stacks an obviously no mufflers lol....what a stupid look
  18. Personally, I could do without the insects lol
  19. Sounds like bad contact at terminals ,would not take much ,or actual battery
  20. Yeah....I didn't think that one through 😂
  21. What do you guys think of this pos? Personally I think it's gayer than Elton John in a summer dress
  22. My experience for my 98 sportsman. .keep on mind it has the smaller rear rim so my tire choices are not all that great ... Best... Goodyear mud terrain. Long lasting awesome all around great tire. No longer available of course Worst. ...super swamper vampire . Too soft. Ended up on gravel a few times over a few months of winter snow riding. . Burned down from 1.5 inch paddle to 1 inch in no time. Junk. But if you are able to 100% stay in soft terrain they are insane Current. . Mud lites . Pretty decent. But I miss my Goodyears
  23. I come from a motox background, so I grew up with this shit... not atv ,but close lol https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=YwDuybJSKos
  24. I can't get over that scenery That's insane
  25. Morning guys....it was a pretty late night..I'm on 3 hours of sleep. I'm going to lay down somewhere and lick my wounds lol