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  2. Also, kind of on a side note, any idea what rate ATV's depreciate in value if you take good care of your machine?
  3. Thanks again Davefrombc, I will just have to check it out myself. I see what you mean about the interest. I found this ATV calculator and I plugged my numbers into it. I assumed an $8,000 loan for 5 years at 8% interest(I thought that may be conservative) and my monthly payment came out to $166 which is totally manageable....but I can see that my total payments including principal and interest are almost $10,000. So I'm almost paying $2,000 in interest over the 5 years. Then I tried making the loan term 10 years and it seemed to double the amount of interest...but it did make my payment only about $100. But after weighing these results, I'd probably say if I can keep the loan term short enough, I won't have to pay very much interest...and it may be worth it.
  4. Fartknocker, great idea for the demo. I didn't realize you could still get a warranty on an ATV demo but that sounds like a nice way to go.
  5. DaveFromBC, Any insight in to why you think a bank would offer a better rate? Also, do you know how long a typical ATV loan lasts or what the term is? I'm going to find an ATV loan calculator do some math and see what I think. I like the idea of testing the waters to make sure I really enjoy it. You are right, it would suck to get rid of a new(er) machine at a bad price. Thanks for your input!
  6. dillegm: Ya, it would be nice not having a payment. From what I know, the CfMotos make some good machines. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  7. I have enough money to buy a good used ATV outright but I don't want to purchase just a used one. I would like to spend $8K to $10K to get a nice new ATV/Quad to go riding in the mountains with on getaways but to ride around the country when I'm at home. I have about $2K saved up but like I said, I can't afford the ATV I want with that. Would that be enough money for a down payment? I can afford to pay about $200/mo on ATV loan payments if necessary. Are there other places to get financing than through a bank? Do ATV providers like Polaris offer loans? I'm very inexperienced at buying an ATV so thanks for any help!

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