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  1. now i'm really freakn! i was sure somebody was gonna say "oh, ya i've seen that before. doesnt happen often but sometimes.....blah blah blah" (insert lengthy technical explanation about how A NEW LIFE FORM SPONTANEOUSLY GERMINATED IN A CAN OF BONDO IN MY GARAGE IN LAS VEGAS!) and i was going to feel better knowing that there was nothing extraordinary going on, that this has happened before. we're all ok. nothing to see here people, keep moving along. but instead my paranoia and fears have only been validated. here. and i have scoured the net and cant find any
  2. Has anyone else seen this???? I cant find anything at all on the internet! Earlier today I was trying to fix a busted up fender on my boy's quad. I opened a can of Bondo-Glass and inside was crazy looking growths! A couple were long, thin crystalline-like structures. Looked just like old-time rock candy. They're "growing" out from the side. And in the bottom was a "blossum" that looked very much like a brocolli florret. Craziest thing ever!!! The can is about 3-4 years. Well sealed and undamaged. Kept in the garage in Vegas, so temps were 30's to 115+ degrees. I have b

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