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  1. Pro! no worries about oiling, getting things stuck in it (branches, dirt mud, leaves) smooth and less noisy.
  2. seen air vapor lock on gas tank. air into tank at gas cap was filled with mud/dirt- it would run 3-10 seconds then quit. no gas could be sucked out of tank as no air could come in.
  3. dtbprc


  4. minibikes and snowmobiles- then dritbikes, now atv's. snowmobiles always stay in the mix.
  5. if it pull starts it is not a neutral thing. starter could be bad. try a large truck battery
  6. neutral switch somewhere- find it clean it or replace it
  7. i prefer the speed on the snowmo
  8. kid was off school you can see he's still in his jammys
  9. check vapor lock- is air getting nito gas tank? take cap off and run it- clean petcock fuel valve out of tank
  10. remove the gas cap- vapor lock can occur once ridden for a few minutes. if that fixes it clean out gas cap air and fuel cock on tank.
  11. cool vid- add some extra scenes with cam mounted differently for other angles and views

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