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  1. Hi there! My best friend lives in Cleveland MS. Cool little town.
  2. Any notable Suzuki LTZ250 Quadsport differences between 2004-2009? I have a 07 but seems all my searches come back to 04.
  3. Hi all. Hope to get some sound advice. I have a 2016 Polaris RZR 900S. Thing is a BEAST! However, last couple trail rides I have been on, it has had overheating issues after a couple hours. At first I thought it was mud in/around the radiator so I cleaned it spotless. Last time it occurred, I noticed the cooling fan kicking on around 206' but then cycling on and off while temps are steadily increasing. I expect the fan should stay running until the temp has returned to normal operating range. I have an extended warranty on it but if it is a quick and easy fix, I would rather fix it myself. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome! Just signed up. My toys: - 2016 Polaris RZR 900S - 2007 Suzuki LTZ250 (which I am still trying to gather info on).
  5. Recently purchased a 2007 Suzuki LTZ250 for my kids. I am having a difficult time finding service manual for this quad. I want the kids to study it before they ride it. Suggestions?
  6. New to ATV's. I got a good deal on a 2007 Suzuki LTZ250. It is shaft drive which seems rare. Any pro's or con's?
  7. Forward/Reverse indicator and attached panel are missing. I guess a 3 wire circuit was too difficult for someone to troubleshoot so they just eliminated it all. lol
  8. Trying to locate a good wiring diagram for my 2007 LTZ250 I got for my kids. Someone did some shade tree electrical "mods" to it. Headlight and taillight have been removed. I am going to install new LED units.

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