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  2. Hello I recently cleaned my carb on my 1987 Suzuki Lt230E Quadrunner. I used a carb rebuild kit, and I noticed that the choke assembly was not al there. The pull knob is there, and he plunger inside is there but it is broken and was frozen inside the carb. I freed the plunger and ordered a new one. I wont have that for a few days. So, after putting the carb back on the bike I started it. The quad never use to idle, and now with a few adjustments the bike idles now. On the down side, the quad wont move. It dies when I apply the throttle, but it will start back up every time. Any help on the will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Thanks I will. Also I just found out that the carb is discontinued . If I do need a carb what do I do?
  4. I was also wondering if the moto 4 and the blaster are similar?
  5. I'll have to check for the coil and the moto 4 is a 95 I think. The vin is teal hard to read. Thank you for the imput.
  6. Hey Quad Crazy people, Im posting for a friend. My buddy has a Yamaha Moto-4. I believe its a 200 or a 225, not sure. Im trying to find out about the carb. The moto will run for a few minutes then just die out. Is the moto-4 the same as the blaster. let me know. thanks

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