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  2. I have an 04 Eiger semi auto 4x4. Bought it used. It has good compression and spark, put a brand new OEM carb and manifold on it, new spark plug and did the Raptor 660 petcock retrofit and capped off the carb. So.....here is the question: I turn the fuel on, turn choke on and it fires right up and idles great. I wait 1-2 minutes and go to turn choke off and it stalls. I then leave the choke off and it fires right up and runs great all day and starts right up without needing choked the rest of the day. So why does it die when I turn the choke off?!!!
  3. Ok thanks! It's only running out of the vent if I turn it to prime for a few seconds when cranking. Doesn't seem to do that when the petcock is on. Still think float? Going to yank it in a couple days. Also Suzuki list 2 carbs for the 04 (k4). 13200-38FBV and 13200-38FCV. Anybody know the difference? Is one for the automatic tranny and one for the semi auto?
  4. Thanks, I think float too, but I replaced the needle and blew it all out with air. I did not try blowing air through the fuel inlet while holding the floats closed though. I have had this thing off 3 times now! I thought floats before so I set them at 17mm or .67" after I replaced the needle.
  5. I bought a 2004 Eiger 5 speed. The guy I got it from let it sit 3 months in the winter. It would start up but not idle and die out when you revved it up. I took carb off soaked it, cleaned jets, reset floats, new gas. It would sart but flood after a few seconds. Tore it down again. Now it won't start. Gas runs out the vent tube!!!! Sometimes the plug is wet sometimes not. Have good consistent spark and the flywheel had been changed out. Any ideas?! Is it a vacuum issue? Maybe carb boot between carb and head? And I checked the fuel flow from the pitcock so I don't believe that's the issue.
  6. Ok. So it's a ground issue. Pulled the starter, left the hot wire hooked to it from the relay. Ground wire touching block and start touching block. Hit key and starter housing sparked and it cranked/spun over. So the starter motor isn't grounding on motor case for some reason.
  7. When I turn the key and it the key it will click repeatedly at the relay. Tried jumping it from my car and disconnecting the rear break light for giggles. still just clicking.
  8. Thanks. It's a new starter. Bench tested turns fine. New solenoid/relay. If I bypass relay the click is at the starter but doesn't crank, so maybe the battery just can't crank it? Would a bad battery just click at the relay and not the starter?
  9. I need help/ideas please! I have an 04 Eiger 5 speed. Runs great and pull starts. Only clicks at the solenoid when trying the electric start. Replaced connections, solenoid and starter!! Battery charged, still just clicks at solenoid!!! All lights work, I'm at a loss. Could it be the neutral relay? Anyway to test that? All fuses are good. Very frustrated.

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