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  1. It's actually not on a slope but we will give it a try, thank you.
  2. 4 wheeler has been setting for about a month, went to ride it and it starts but the gear shift is Stuck in park. Any ideas why or what's wrong?
  3. kaidella


  4. I am so aggravated. Finally got the engine down and moved forward. Got to the neutral switch, which was broken, replaced it, got it all put back together and turned on the key.........NOTHING! I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions please.
  5. I got the engine forward, now is there a trick to opening the gear case?
  6. How hard is it to slide it forward? I downloaded the manual but it is not exactly like mine and doesn't say anything about sliding it forward. What all do I need to undo?
  7. I got the manual, thanks. Not real clear though on the switch. I should get my new one in the next day or so. Do I need to go ahead and drain the oil and try to remove the left cover where the pull start is?
  8. Thank you. It used to work but quit. I replaced the solenoid, the relay assembly and have ordered a neutral switch. Is it very difficult to install? I've been trying to find out where it is online but not having any luck.
  9. Great. I will look for it. Thank you so much.
  10. Bought 4 wheeler for kids. Used to run and soon as it was put in gear it died. I have put new carburater, new plug and battery. The neutral light won't come on. I replaced the solenoid, then the positive battery cable and today put new relay assembly on. Still no neutral light. Not getting any juice and I don't know why.

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