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Kymco ATV Forum

Posts about Kymco ATV models and manufacturer specific topics.

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  1. Kymco ATV Service Manuals

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  2. Your opinion on KYMCO atv? 1 2 3

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  3. KYMCO MXU 500 IRS Service Manual

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  4. Kymco mongosse 90

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  5. kymco maxxer 375 temp light

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  6. So I bought a kymco mxu 450i

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    • Hello im a newbie ive been looking around on the page for sometime but new to  posting and not so good on typing lol but my question is, is there any other 50cc parts that will work on the "86" lt50 g? meaning any other CHEAPER parts like aftermarket or other 50cc cheaper parts ? Thanx in advace ,and if its not the right forum im sorry i just figured this is the one lol ps. I did a dumb mistake i put a screwdriver in the flywheel to try n remove it quickly and scratched the coil breaking a few wraps [email protected]#! Lol
    • I would like to convert my 1991 Polaris 250 2 stroke to EFI if possible.
    • I highly recommend them I have six of them and they’re constantly on trickle charge for three ATVs my car and my two generator
    • 8hrs Had the opportunity to get out for a ride yesterday.  A friend came for Thanksgiving from North Dakota so since I had a 5 day weekend this weekend, we headed to one of the few trailheads that are still open this time of year about an hour away. Was a fairly blustery day and only 28 degrees when we left the house. Pipestone (our destination) is about the same elevation at we are but for some reason doesn't seem to get the same amount of snow. Always seems to be bare there when we have snow on the ground. We got unloaded and on the trail at roughly 8:45 a.m. was only about 33 degrees, wind was a steady 20mph which makes it feel like it's around 22.   I don't think he was too excited as we were unloading as the wind was   biting at us in the parking area. I told him it would get better as we got down the trail and into the hills, and it did as we moved on.  Took him to one of the places here that is very unique, even by world's standards    We have a place called the ringing rocks and it is really strange how it works. It's a huge pile of rocks that are just sitting on one another, they are called sonorous rocks and resonate sound like a bell when struck with a metal object.  Very unique areas, and very few places in the world, 4 or so that have these rock fields. There are only 2 areas in the U.S., one here in Montana, an area in Pennsylvania,  an area in the United Kingdom,  and one in Australia.    Although a pretty cold day there were bits of sunshine that showed through throughout the day. Trails were pretty much dry and sandy.  We had 3 small water crossings of about 14 or 15" deep where ice has started to dam up small creeks. These are fairly small and only 20' or so across. At 1 point we thought maybe we might have to turn back as skies were getting pretty black and dark but decided to push through and only ended up with a few flurries of snow that disappeared and then followed by  patches of sun. We put on about 40 miles and had a great day stopping for lunch with some turkey sandwiches. One of my favorite places to go and would like to do a bit more exploring as there are hundreds of different trails there are hundreds of different trails that crisscross and connect. Lot of history here with mines and trestle bridges,  there is also a spot where an airplane crashed and they never did remove the plane, that one I would really like to find.  The landscape is just cool as there are huge house sized, and larger, Granite rock slabs throughout the Trees and hills. Another benefit is most of the trails are sandy type soil and pretty smooth. With all of the granite here they actually had a quarry that they cut huge slabs for the court houses in the surrounding counties. Unlike the trails that are close to us that have sharp protruding rocks,  in a lot of our area, different type of rock. Was a great day as it always is when you're on the trails
    • Should be fine as long as the trickle charger has a fully charged stop feature, so you don't overcharge the battery. The chargers in the first post are all designed to be plugged in and to "maintain" your battery.  

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